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For this assignment on the Writing 101 course, we were given a choice of some Twitter quotes to respond to. The above quote, by Leah Reich @ohheygreat is the one I chose.

My first thought was, do these people know that their tweet is being used as an assignment? Do we need to find them, follow them, and let them know?

Then I was thinking, well…if I was to actually respond to their tweet, it would have to be within the Twitter guidelines of the 140-characters or less word limit.

I’m on Twitter a lot, and enjoy tweeting, responding, and the conversations that spontaneously occur. It’s fun.

Then, I was thinking, well, so far I haven’t said anything abut the quote in the chosen tweet.

Then I’m thinking, I have no idea how to do any of the hovering, embedding, copying/pasting, URL things that were suggested to put the quote on my post. I almost gave up doing this one at all. But, then I tried saving the picture of the tweet/quote, and then I could at least have a picture of it on here. I think it worked.

I’m now thinking I’m thinking too much about it all.

So, the quote, as seen in the picture says that self storage is where we store our past selves. Ok…cool…seems legitimate. We’re born, our brains begin to soak up tons of information, and it’s all up there in our head somewhere, right? If I really try, I can imagine the brain as a living storage building business. For each area of learning…say, language, feelings, talents learned, studies in school lessons, compassion, and empathy, love, things we hear, see, taste…all our learning is kept in these separate rooms. We respond to outside life events by opening the door to the appropriate unit in our brain, according to how much experience we’ve had.

Anyway, all our past is stored in our self storage brain, to be used in fractions of seconds. It’s amazing how that works.

Oh, if I actually responded to this person’s tweet, in true Twitter fashion, I would have just said …Cool, I agree…or more likely I’d would just favorite and re-tweet it. 🙂


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