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Witchy Fun

Witch, Witchcraft, Broomstick, Broom

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Witchy Fun


This is a poem I wrote for October Poetry Writing Month, way back in 2014.

There are a lot of TV and movie witches that have brought us fun entertainment over the years.

Being it’s getting close to Halloween again, I thought I’d re-post it. Enjoy! 🙂



From Oz to Salem, to suburban mayhem,

The witches entertained us all.

The witch of the west, was creepy at best,

And Glinda was belle of the ball.

Samantha twitched her nose,

Whenever she chose, and

Sabrina’s cat talks to her, it is true.

Elphaba was wicked,

Endora was vivid…

They all were an interesting crew.

The Sanderson sisters were funny and camp,

The witches of Eastwick were duped…

They all used their craft, and a bit of their vamp,

But Morticia’s my all favorite champ.


Shows referenced = Bewitched, The Wizard of Oz, The Addams Family, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Hocus Pocus, The Witches of Eastwick, and Wicked (broadway play)


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OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 8 – POROUS octpowrimo2016c


Porous …means to have tiny holes, or spaces, for air or light to pass through.


All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is celebrated in the autumn of each year, on November 2. People honor their loved ones who have died. It is believed the veil between the dimensions of the living and the dead is thinner at this time of year, so all the souls are able to visit more readily. Offerings of food, trinkets, and flowers are gathered to bring to the graves, or an ofrenda in the home. It is a nice custom, and not scary at all.



Come alive, come alive, come alive through the veil

Through porous dimensions all souls will sail

Offerings of food and marigold flowers

Treasure your departed in these mysterious hours



Photos taken by me at a Dia de los Muertos Celebration…

Artist unknown


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OCTPOWRIMO – 31 POEMS in 31 DAYS – # 1- 7


OCTPOWRIMO – 31 POEMS in 31 DAYS – # 1 – 7 octpowrimo2016c

Playing catch-up with the OctPoWriMo challenge. This is October Poetry Writing Month, and we are to write a poem for each day in October. I’ve done the challenge before, and it’s a lot of fun. This time our prompt words are listed in the photo above, for each day.

Since I’m starting late (computer problems), I am combining the first week’s  poems in this one post. They are short, and hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Mostly my poems will be along the lines of spooky/scary because October is Halloween month!


Day One – Time

“Hounds of Time”

The hounds of time nip at our feet

Propelling us on to a savage beat

We walk, we run, we stumble, we fall

Yet, rise again to reach the end of it all


Day Two – The Void

“Lost in the Void”

Avoid the void at all cost

You will find that you are lost

All your sins for you to face

When you’re trapped in the

Nothing place


Day Three – Sparkling


Sparkling stars up in the sky

Stars in heaven, way up high

Light your way, light a spark

Look at them now, before all goes dark

Sparkling stars assault your eyes

Look at them now, before they (you?) die


Day Four – Purple

“A Purple Panic”

As purple panic fuels your fear,

Hobgoblins are drawing near

Bats and banshees hover close

Ready to administer a frightful dose

Now purple panic has set in

The night of terror will begin


Day Five – Sharp


Sharp the fangs

And red eyes pierce

My wicked visage

Is most fierce

Look not upon my face of fear

Lest you feel me rip and tear


Day Six – Tantalizing

“Terry Eats”

Beautiful fall day

Terry the tarantula

Tantalizing prey


Day Seven – Tasty

“Blood Meal”

You may think it strange

Tasty is the blood I drink

I am a Vampire


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Just one more for Halloween! This is the one I couldn’t figure out…the Loop Poem, from the other day. I still haven’t figured it out so it isn’t an exact Loop one. I read the directions for the way it is supposed to be, in several different places, and I’m still confused about it. I still wanted to post this, though. I’ve tried using ‘enjambment’ in it, too. Anyway, it is a mish-mash of a poem, a little of this and that. For Halloween…a Monster Mash of a Poem! 😉

Ghostly Loops and Tricks:

Enjambment – a continuation of a sentence or clause over a line break. A bit of poetic trickery, to pull the reader into the next line.

Apparition – A supernatural appearance of anything that seems real…coming on suddenly, startling in it’s manifestation. It’s kind of like when you suddenly get an idea in your head from out of nowhere!



I am but a Ghost

A lost soul…a

Ghost…Am I just your imagination?

Do you only believe what you can see?

Imagination conjures many visions…

Unseen in reality,

Visions are only real if you believe

Them to be the Ghosts of your ideas.

Believe in your visions; your mind apparitions

Are real lost souls…ghostly

Apparitions, seeking to be conjured into reality…


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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 31 – SCARECROWIMG_20150928_151453

Today is the last day of the OctPoWriMo poetry challenge…31 poems in 31 days. It’s been fun again this year. I’ve met some fantastic poets, and learned a few things along the way. Until we meet again, I wish everyone the best in your writing adventures! 🙂



The scariest thing I’ll ever see,

Is a scarecrow staring back at me…

What’s going on in that head of straw,

Grinning with his sewn on maw?

Seeing with unblinking eyes…

Take it from me – a word to the wise.

You can’t trust the rustle of wind in his hair…

In a cornfield maze, you must beware.

Go out there on a sunny day,

Believe me you will lose your way.

It’s a trick the scarecrow loves to play…

A ruse to keep you there all day.

Now, if you dare the cornfield row,

And if you feel you really must go…

I’ve warned you well, and now you know…

Never turn your back on a spooky scarecrow.


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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 30 – WE DID ITIMG_20150928_151453

Tomorrow is the last day of the OCTPOWRIMO Poetry Challenge…31 poems in 31 days. I’ve had a great time writing the poems, and hope everyone who visited enjoyed reading them. I want to thank all who stopped by, those who left encouraging comments, and the hosts of this Challenge. It’s been fun!

There will be one more for tomorrow, but for today…


It’s almost the end of OctPoWriMo

Where, oh where, oh where did the time go?

We’ve written some verse, using poetic lingo…

When we had it right, we might have yelled bingo!

Some poems were sad, and some were funny,

We do it for fun, and not for money.

We encourage and cheer, whoever is near…

Always from others, we love to hear.

We write and we post, but not to boast…

Thank you so much to our lovely hosts!

31 poems in 31 days…

It’s been fun and enlightening in so many ways.

We played with rhymes, whimsy, and form…

They gave us prompts, and Poets were born!


Thanks everyone, and may you all have much success in your writing adventures!

Peace }I{

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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 29 – LOOK INSIDEIMG_20150928_151453

Today we were supposed to write something about endings, since this poetry challenge is coming to an end soon. What I’ve done today could be a bit of that, but I have something else in mind for endings tomorrow. Also, this one today is in keeping a bit with the Halloween theme, too,

This one, I’m not sure what form it is, but I did use a style that uses repetition…and the words are:

Anaphora – a repetition of words at the start of clauses or verses

Epimone – (eh-PIM-o-nee) – a repetition of a phrase, usually a question, to stress a point



Take a look,

Take a look,

Take a look inside…

Take a look inside yourself,

What have you got to hide?

What do you see,

What do you see,

What do you see, I ask?

What do you see yourself to be…

What’s hiding behind that mask?

Reveal yourself,

Reveal yourself,

Reveal yourself to me…

Reveal yourself…I want your truth…

Be who you were meant to be.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 28 – ACROSTICSIMG_20150928_151453

Well, today we were urged to make a video of ourselves reading out loud one of our poems. Mmmm I think not. I wouldn’t subject anyone’s ears to hearing that. 😉

For today, though, I’ve done the form of poetry called Acrostic…where letters of a word or phrase is spelled out going down the lines vertically, and words of the poem starting with that each letter go across in the lines. I wanted to do something a little lighter today, after yesterday’s scary one 😉 But still holding with the Halloween theme.



Happy holiday hijinks

Abound this night

Laughter and

Little ones go

Out trick or treating

Wearing costumes of their choosing

Even if it’s cold weather

Everyone has a good time

(k)Nocking on doors, begging for candy


Howling wolves

Attempt to summon

Untold miseries with their




Go forth on






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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 26 – NINE HOURSIMG_20150928_151453

For today’s prompt, we were to do a poetry form called a Loop. I did one once before, but it was maybe a simplified type. This one today…Well, let me tell you…I’ve been pretty steady at it, trying to get something to come together, and in the right form, for NINE HOURS already! I’m done…no more Loops for me. It is just not my kind of writing. So, of course I wrote a poem about it…in my own style, and it came together in about 5 minutes. Maybe it shows, but I’m happy with the way I write poetry, learning a little at a time, trying to improve, and understanding that there are just some I cannot do. 🙂  Here’s today’s offering!



Nine hours in…I can’t even begin to

Write what I want to say.

Lots of ideas, all good for nothing,

So I threw them all away.

I’ve tried the Loops, and jumped through hoops, but

The words won’t come together.

This kind of poem is not my scene…

I’ll blame it on the weather.


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OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 25 – DOLL WORLDIMG_20150928_151453

Today’ prompt says to remember a toy or plaything from our childhood. 🙂


A little girl sits all alone

Her thoughts are running wild

What captivates her interest so…

This introverted child?

A mother, father, son, and daughter

Aunts, and uncles, too

Grandparents, and friends, and pets are there

No more will she be blue.

She’s created a world that’s all her own

She speaks as their creator…

They may be dolls, but to her they’re real…

Her family made of paper.


I used to cut out and play with paper dolls all the time. I’d get my little safety scissors, and cut carefully around the images of people I’d find in catalogs, magazines, and sewing pattern books. Then, sometimes I’d get to buy a new book of the paper dolls at the dime store. These would be sturdier, made of cardboard, and have a selection of clothes (with those little tabs) to dress them in. Many hours playing with these. 🙂


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