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Tamale Tumble – Flashback Friday


Tamale Tumble – Flashback Friday


Friday was May 19th, and I wrote this a few years ago on the same date.

Here’s one I posted on May 19, 2014 … (oh, before I proof read this date I had it being 1014! Wow – that’s a way, way flashback! haha) 🙂



I love to eat Mexican food. Whether making it at home, going to a restaurant, or getting take-out, it is all good, to me.

For some crazy reason, though, there are incidents…strange things happen. The first of three, true stories, I call…


We wanted Mexican food, so my daughter and I drive over to a restaurant to get take-out. As we waited in the long line of cars, at the drive through, we decided tamales would be good. We were getting three separate meals, which came with the tamales, refried beans, and rice. We also got tortilla chips and containers of salsa.

They put it all in a large plastic bag, handed it out the window, and we left. I was the designated bag holder, on the way home. All was going great, the food smelled delicious, and we were almost home.

Suddenly, we had to brake hard to avoid another car. In that instant, the plastic bag of food slid off my lap and into the floorboard of the car. The styrofoam containers flew open, spilling hot tamales, beans, and rice, all over the place. Mostly on my feet. I was wearing flip-flops…the food was hot and squishy between my toes.

What could we do? We cackled with laughter, turned around, and went back to the restaurant for more food. We were determined to get some Mexican food that night.

So, we go back through the line, and the cashier looked at us funny, but we didn’t explain why we were back for more, after only a few minutes.

I kept on squishing the beans between my toes, hoping they’d hurry up and cool off and stop burning me. Finally, at home with the new bag of food, we pull into the garage. I open my door. The cat jumps into the car and immediately starts licking the beans, tamales, and rice off my toes. The hot salsa didn’t even stop him.

It was so worth all the trouble.

~ Stay tuned for the second true story of my misadventures with Mexican food.


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I Survived an F5 Tornado


I Survived an F5 Tornado


Every year on the anniversary of the tornado, I re-post this…my story. It’s now been 53 years, and I’ll never forget.



Today, May 11, 2023, will be the 53rd anniversary of the Lubbock, TX tornado. From later assessment of the devastation, it was determined to be rated F-5, the highest on the Fujita scale. This is my story.


May 11, 1970, is a date I’ll never forget. I was attending night classes at Draughon’s Business College in downtown Lubbock. We had noticed there was a storm coming, because of some lightning off to the west. Classes were let out early because of that.

My dad was picking me up in my car, but didn’t know we got out early, so I was waiting outside for him, around 9:30 or so. They’d already closed up the building, and only me, and a couple of others, were waiting for our rides. The wind was starting to get gusty. By the time my dad got there, it was starting to rain.

We headed for home down Ave. H, (now Buddy Holly Ave.) going north. Right before the underpass on Ave. H, at about 5th or 6th street, the wind, rain, and hail was so bad he decided to not go under the underpass, but turn back, heading south, to a little gas station/garage there on the corner. It had an overhanging roof over the gas pumps. We stopped there to wait for the hail to let up, but it only got worse. We had no idea it was a tornado bearing down on us. All we knew was the front end of the car was being lifted off the ground, and the brick garage was falling apart.

Bricks hit the car windows, breaking them out. We crawled into the back floorboard of the car, me and then Dad. The wind, hail, rain, and I guess it was the tornado, was so loud we couldn’t even hear each other. The doors to the garage were flapping open and shut. (later we’d see that those doors, the overhanging roof, and only half the garage were the only thing left of the building. I guess we came that close to being blown away). Across the street was a car dealership, and for some reason, I thought I saw those car headlights flashing on and off. (this was later corroborated by others – a strange electrical anomaly).

The hail finally eased off, so Dad said we should try to make it down the street to the courthouse, where he knew there was a basement. We got out of the car and walked the block or so down there. The wind was really strong, so we could hardly stand up. The water in the street was up to our knees, and signs and things were still flying through the air. I don’t know how we kept from getting electrocuted from downed power lines.

We finally made it, and the courthouse doors were actually open, and a few other people were there, too. I noticed I had cuts from the broken window glass, and of course, we were soaking wet. Someone suggested we all go downstairs where there was a tunnel that went to the police station, and emergency shelter, and the emergency operations center. We made our way through the underground tunnel, and found a huge crowd already there. The emergency workers were listening and broadcasting emergency information over their radio.

After awhile, Dad decided to see if we could find a ride home. We went outside – the storm was over by then. Everything downtown was a mess of debris. One of the weirdest things I saw was a street traffic light (on a pole). The metal was twisted all around like a pretzel. We found a guy that had just got off work, from the meat packing plant in another part of town, who said he’d drive us home. He was amazed at the destruction, as it hadn’t effected his work place’s part of town.

We went north on University, going slow to avoid power lines and debris in the streets. We finally made it to the Loop that goes around the city, and headed east toward our neighborhood. As we passed over another underpass, we could see the lower level was filled with water, and the guard rails on the top road were gone. Closer to our house in the Clayton Carter addition, some of the stores at the end of our street (north Ash) had been completely blown away. Our house, however, hadn’t been damaged, but someone’s camper had landed in our back yard, taking out the fence. My mom and sister had gone into our cellar, and didn’t know what had happened to us, until we got home, around 1 a. m.

The next morning, we drove around and took some pictures of the damage, and we had to find a way to get my damaged car back home. I was thinking, if we hadn’t turned around when we did, that night, to go under the garage roof, if we’d continued under the Ave. H underpass, we might not have been alive. That area just past the underpass was almost completely wiped out. As it was, one of my friend’s father was killed in that storm.

Other things I remember, was the electricity and water was out for days, and there were big trucks hauling water to the neighborhoods. We’d go fill up jugs when they came by. I never got to go back to the business college to finish, because the building had been damaged so much, that they closed down the college. We got my car back, and my books were water-soaked, too, and too damaged to be used, also.

My husband was in Viet-Nam, at the time, and he only heard of the Lubbock tornado when it was written about in the Stars and Stripes military newspaper. He couldn’t find out if we were okay, for days.

I still have tornado nightmares, every spring, even now 53 years later. Yes,I still have tornado nightmares.


you can click photos to enlarge

photos show:

  • Service station garage we were parked under when the tornado hit. It was half blown away.
  • Statistics
  • Path of tornado map
  • Newspaper articles “Toll of the Twister” and “Stunned City Digging Out”
  • My story that was printed in the local online newspaer

IMG_2689 IMG_2687 IMG_2678 IMG_2679  IMG_2681 IMG_2686


More information on this F-5 tornado can be found here:


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Paradise Tonight – Love Is In Da Blog – Our Choice


Paradise Tonight – Love Is In Da Blog 2023 – Our Choice Love Is In Da Blog 2023 banner


Today’s prompt is to choose our own


❤ ❤


The song quote:

I’m gonna wake up in your arms tomorrow
You gonna make it the night of my life
I’m gonna wake up in your arms tomorrow
Thank you for takin’ me to paradise tonight.


I really like this song because it has good music and lyrics. I remember it most from hearing it on the radio, and also from playing it on our record player. It was the summer we lived in Sinton TX, and were very close to the TX coast, by Corpus Christi. There was a hurricane coming, and I remember some preparations were being made around town, just in case it came our way. Turned out it didn’t get as close as we’d thought. This was a major hurricane named “Alicia”, and it came ashore at Galveston TX.

For some reason, along with watching TV hurricane coverage, we were playing this song over and over that day.

Here’s the actual 45 record we almost wore out, playing it so many times during the hurricane warnings. 🙂



From Wiki:

Paradise Tonight” is a song written by Bill Kenner and Mark Wright, and recorded by American country music artists Charly McClain and Mickey Gilley. It was released in June 1983 as the second single from the album Paradise. The song was the most successful of three releases by McClain and Gilley as a duo. The single went to number one for one week and stayed a total of thirteen weeks on the top 40 country chart.[



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Throwback Thursday – Family Stories


Throwback Thursday – Family Stories

For today’s prompt we are to remember back to some of the words we used or that were trending during the past days. Thanks, Lauren


This week’s prompt is: Passing on the Stories

1) Did you have multiple family generations nearby when growing up?

Yes, all within a few blocks of our house we had my grand-parents, two sets of aunts, uncles, & cousins. We’d all get together quite a lot, especially on holidays and birthdays.

2) What are some of the earliest family stories you remember hearing?

I can’t remember any right now.

3) Did your parents tell you the story about how they met? Did you share with your children your own love story?

I think I remember them saying they met while both were working at a commercial laundry service company. Otherwise I don’t know much else, except they went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico for their honeymoon.

4) Did aunts, uncles, or grandparents ever share embarrassing stories about your parents when they were children? Were the stories fictionalized or factual?

No, I don’t remember any.

5) Did your parents or siblings ever tell your kids embarrassing stories from your youth?

I don’t remember, but they probably did. I know I told my kids lots of silly and embarassing stories about my younger days.

6) Were there tales you wish you had asked your parents or grandparents, but never did? What would you like to have asked them?

Sure, I wished I’d asked lots more when I had the chance.

7) If you had a magical way to speak to a deceased relative, what would you most like to ask them?

Well, I’d ask what’s it like where the are now. Otherwise, just random questions.

8) Do you share stories about your time growing up with your children or grandchildren? Is there something you don’t want to be lost when you are no longer in this realm?

I have always told stories about my younger days to my girls, and to my grand-kids, too. Something I don’t want to be lost after I’m gone? Probably all my writings, and photos.

9) Have you ever done research to find out more facts about your lineage? Did you ever find anything surprising?

No, I’ve never done this. Someone in my family did, but I never knew what they found. I did have a relative, maybe a great aunt or someone who did write down all she could remember about the relatives. I do have a copy of that.

10) Have you kept journals, records, or important information about your family, that you want to be handed down for future generations?

I’ve always kept diaries, and journals, but not specifically a history of my relatives. That would be nice, but I don’t know much beyond my grand-parents.


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Throwback Thursday – Meal Time


Throwback Thursday – Meal Time

For today’s prompt we are to remember back to some of the words we used or that were trending during the past days. Thanks, Maggie!


Let’s start at the top of the day, breakfast! Did your family have a sit down breakfast or were you more grab and go? What beverages were served at breakfast? What was your favorite (and/or least favorite) breakfast meal?

I can’t remember when I was real young, except on Saturday mornings watching cartoons, I’d get one of those little cereal boxes with the perforations in it, so you could pour milk right in the box. That was fun. Later on, it was fix whatever you want, so mostly I’d fix broiler toast and iced tea. Still later on I’d just have coffee and a piece of pie or cake before school

Did you snack before the mid-day meal?

Not usually.

Lunch for most children was eaten at school with the exception of weekends, holidays, or summer vacation. At school, did you buy your lunch from the cafeteria, or did you pack lunch? In high school, were you allowed to leave school grounds during the lunch period?

A mixture of both. I had a meal ticket for school lunches, or sometimes I’d have a packed lunch from home, in a cool lunch box. My favorite was pink vinyl with a poodle dog on it and the Eiffel Tower. In Jr. High and High School we could go off campus for lunch. I did go with friends in Jr. High to a nearby drugstore/food restaurant for hamburgers. In High School I only ate in the cafeteria.

For times when you had lunch at home, was it sandwiches, leftovers, or a newly prepared meal?

Hmmm … can’t remember at all. Oh, but one lunch meal I’d always make was grilled cheese and tomato soup – only on Kentucky Derby Day – a must watch. Then other times my sister and I would get out the deep fryer and make home-made potato chips.

The evening meal is usually the most formal meal in many homes. Did your family sit down together and enjoy the evening meal or were you more of a TV dinner in front of the TV family?

We usually all sat at the kitchen table for our supper together.

How did your weekend meals differ from your weekdays?

Not much, except for a couple of things. My dad made us pancakes on Sunday mornings, and usually he’d grill outside for supper sometimes.

Who did most of the cooking in your household? Did that person also do the meal planning and grocery shopping? Were you taught to cook or were you shoo’d out of the kitchen?

My mom did most of the cooking (except for Sunday morning), also grocery lists and shopping. Later, I slowly learned to cook and helped out.

Did you have dessert served at your meals? If so, what types?

Not always, but once in awhile mom would make a chocolate cake.

Who cleaned up after meals? Was it a shared responsibility between men/women, girls/boys or was it delegated based on gender?

Mostly mom, then me and my sister. Dad did sometimes.

How about late night snacks? Okay or discouraged?

I can’t really remember, but I guess we could if we wanted something.

Were dining manners stressed in your household? No elbows on the table, no hats at the table, no belching, please, thank you, and may I be excused?

We learned how to use our manners at the table, but it wasn’t enforced much, because my sister and I were nice kids – haha

Did you have occasions where you had large family gatherings for meals? What occasions?

Yes, holidays and birthdays all the extended family would get together.

Did you say grace or have a blessing before meals?

No, we didn’t … except at Christmas and Thanksgiving my Uncle would say a prayer before we ate. Same one every time.

Now for the fun part. What dishes are you glad disappeared over the years? What dishes have you carried forward into your own home?

Liver and onions finally disappeared!

I still use our family’s taco recipe – like all the extended family used the same one. Not much of a recipe but we liked it. You have corn tortillas (lightly fried), taco toppings of lettuce, cheese, onions, and tomatoes. Fry hamburger meat, then add either hot sauce, salsa, or picante sauce, and lots of ketchup. Heat & serve. Yum. 🙂


BONUS: Care to share any favorite family recipes?

see above answer


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Grandma’s Spooky Garage


My Grandma’s Spooky Garage



After I posted my flashback post yesterday, about my Grandma’s Ghostly House, here  there was some interest in hearing more.

This then is a true story I posted on August 11, 2014, about my Grandma’s Spooky Garage.

Most of these happened when I was a kid, and I’d be over there at her house.



Have you ever felt like an unseen presence was watching you? You get that creepy feeling, maybe your hair stands up on the back of your neck, or you get hyper sensitive of any stealthy noises? Your ears want to hear something, anything, but you don’t…you just feel an overwhelming need to leave where you are. You are being watched. You don’t know who it is…or what it is, but you can sense they are there.

I have had this feeling lots of times. The most frequent was at my Grandma’s house…the one from my previous story. I could feel someone or something watching me in that back bedroom, which was scary, but the strongest feeling of this was in the garage. It was an old wooden and stucco outbuilding, right by the house. It was big enough for one car, and some items hanging on the walls on either side. The floor was just dirt, and there were two doors you’d have to open to get the car inside or out…no automatic garage door on this old place. The whole structure seemed kind of rickety, and there was always a musty smell, of old dirt and car parts. Nothing sinister, just the usual homeowner’s garage filled with tools, and other items.

However, if you went further into the garage, there was another door. Back behind where the car was parked, was a flimsy door. When in that little back room you could feel the weirdness. It didn’t look very strange, just a bunch of canning jars, and miscellaneous stored items, some junk from the house being stored. My cousin and I would always beg to go prowl around in there, though, mainly because it was spooky, and we liked to look at all the stuff.

The very best part, we thought, was an antique trunk. It must have belonged to some long lost relative, I don’t know, but it had all kinds of interesting things in there to look at. There were clothes from a bygone era, mementos, and a strange little box with this person’s hair in it…sort of a long tress of brown and gray, tied with a ribbon. It was fascinating!

Just as we’d get really into our discoveries, though we’d get spooked, because we could definitely feel/sense that we were being watched. Maybe it was the original owner of the trunk, but we never saw anyone…ghost or otherwise. We’d try to stick it out and keep looking, but it never failed, there would come a point where we had to run, run as fast as we could out of there, before the unseen entity grabbed at us.

I went in there lots of times by myself, even when I was told not to, but I couldn’t resist. I never knew what ever happened to that old trunk when my Grandma moved away. Wish I did.

Do you ever get the creepy, being watched feeling?

One more note: Later on, after I was grown up, when my Grandma would go out of town, she’d ask me to come over to water plants, get the mail, and just check that all was okay with the house while she was gone. I would do it, but I’ll tell you what…I did it in a hurry, because being in that quiet house all by myself, was almost too much to take. I could feel the watcher’s eyes on me the whole time!

There is one more story I can remember about strange things that happened in her house. I’ll post it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my true ghost stories!


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Grandma’s Ghostly House


Grandma’s Ghostly House


This is a true ghost story that happened when I was a kid. I first posted this on this day, August 4th, 2014.


My Grandma’s house always had a spooky feeling to it. As a kid, my cousin and I would spend the night over there in the back bedroom…even though we were scared of that room.

It felt like something was watching us from up in the NW corner of the ceiling. One night we heard what we swore were babies crying in the living room, so we sneaked in there to have a look.

The room was dim, but no lights were on. What we saw was the old rocking chair, just rocking back and forth…no one was sitting in it. Could this have been a ghost, rocking a ghost baby? I don’t know, but that is what we believed.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s a picture of the house today. It looks like a regular old house, doesn’t it? I don’t know who lives there now, but I always wonder if they have weird things happen in there like we used to, all those years ago. It looks about the same as

when my grandparents lived there.


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Throwback Thursday – Dating Days


Throwback Thursday – Dating Days


Today’s questions to think about is about our early dating experiences. Thanks, Lauren!


1) On your very first date, did you do the asking, or were you asked out?

I don’t remember. I don’t remember my first date at all.

2) Were you typically stressed out before a first date? Did things seem to be easier the more you dated the same person?

I don’t think I was ever nervous about a date.

3) What did you do to prepare for the date? Did you wear new clothes, or special outfits?

No, nothing specially bought. Just regular clothes. (except later on I got a fancy prom dress for that time)

4) How did you meet those first dates? Were your dates with friends of a family member, or friends of a friend?

All were from guys I met at school, except one which was a family friend.

5) Did you have a curfew on those early dates? Did you typically arrive home on time or were you constantly breaking curfew?

I think I had to be back home by 11 p.m. and was on time.

6) Did your parents insist on meeting whomever you dated?

I can’t remember. As one was a neighbor we already knew, and the others I don’t think so until my boyfriend I did get married to.

7) Where did you usually go when on a date? (movies, concerts, picnics, etc.)

Movies, restaurants, school functions like football games. Once I went on a little day trip with their family. Sometimes my almost husband and I would go out with his family to a club for music and dancing.

8) Did the boy/man always pay for the date or did you go Dutch treat?

The guy paid for the things we did on a date.

9) Were you typically the talker or the listener on a date?

Probably about even with talking and listening.

10) What did you do if the date clearly wasn’t going well? (feign a headache, ask to go home, end the date early, etc.)

I don’t think any date was not going well. We had fun doing things when we went out.

11) A connection from the past to the present, if applicable. How long did you date your current partner before marriage?

I met my husband when we were in 11th grade of high school. We dated that year, and the next school year 12th grade, and got married a few months after graduation. We were both 19. Guess it was a good match, as it will soon be 52 years this year we’ve been married.

12) Bonus Question: Care to share a disasters first date??????

Nope, didn’t have a disaster date. Oh, wait … my almost husband’s car broke down at a drive in movie once, and we had to call my dad to come get us. Or the time his car broke down on the highway and the cops gave us a ride home in their squad car. Well the date wasn’t a disaster, just the after part with the cars breaking down.


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Throwback Thursday – Friends


Throwback Thursday – Friends




Thanks for the interesting topic, Maggie!

Here are a few questions Maggie asks:

Who was the earliest friend you remember? What drew you to this person? What kinds of things did you do together. Did you have pen pals? Have you maintained long-term friendships from childhood. Did you have autograph books? How about high school yearbooks signed by friends? What kinds of things may have made you sever friendships? Are you a friend collector – the more the better – or are you content with the intimacy of a few close friends? How does your personality (shy or outgoing) affect the friendships you develop? What is the quality you desire in a friend?


My earliest friend I remember is still my dearest friend. In fact today (Dec. 18) is her birthday, and I’ve sent her a cute birthday meme and Birthday wishes.

We knew each other when we were babies (well, I don’t remember really, but our mothers were good friends back then, so we played together). Then we went all through our school days together, had double dates with our boyfriends (later to be husbands) together, and have enjoyed lots of ups and downs, laughs and tears throughout the years.

I had a few friends while at school, and was friendly to most everyone. I actually see them on FB quite often, too. Otherwise, there isn’t any one I hang out with here. Some are friends to say hi to, and one (K) comes by to visit when they are in town. So fun to get together for a little bit, though.

As for pen pals … I’ve had actual letter writing pen pals quite a lot over the years. They were from all over the world. I wrote a letter to a magazine to find pen pals a few times, and the response was tremendous! I still have lots of their letters. It was so much fun. Then the internet and email came along, and the letter writing pretty much stopped, and we didn’t have a computer for many years, so we lost touch.

I do have my old autograph book which friends from school signed, and also my school yearbooks which had lots of fun comments written in there.

I’m not normally out and about socializing anymore. I’m happy staying in. I consider my family my best friends. ❤


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Neighbor Houses – # 9 & 10


Neighbor Houses  – # 9 & 10

Click to view


These are my thoughts and memories of the houses in our neighborhood when I was a kid.


Here are a couple more I remember from the neighborhood houses:

The Carne’s House – Across the street and down one from ours. I didn’t know these people, but their daughter went to the same class in school as my younger sister and they were friends.

The ? House – I didn’t know these people either, but they were a little farther down across the street, though still in our block of houses. This is a scary and awful story that I heard about the lady that lived there. Seems one of her family was mowing their lawn, and the mower slung something out and it hit the lady’s leg. Very serious, and she developed gangrene and died from it. That is why now, I’m so afraid to be around anyone mowing, because it certainly could sling something from under it and hit me or someone else.

It was also behind their house that something strange happened in the middle of the night. I was just little, and I’d get up in the middle of the night to look out the front windows for UFOs. Well this one night there were huge fireballs exploding above their house. I know I saw it, but no one else ever said they knew anything about it.

I wrote about this before, so if you want to read the whole expanded true story it is here


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