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Final Halloween Challenge 2022 – Costume


Final Halloween Challenge 2022 – Costume



Witch, & Ghost,


Me, hamming it up as a witch




From Oz to Salem, to suburban mayhem,

The witches entertained us all.

The witch of the west, was creepy at best,

And Glinda was belle of the ball.

Samantha twitched her nose,

Whenever she chose, and

Sabrina’s cat talks to her, it is true.

Elphaba was wicked,

Endora was vivid…

They all were an interesting crew.

The Sanderson sisters were funny and camp,

The witches of Eastwick were duped…

They all used their craft, and a bit of their vamp,

But Morticia’s my all favorite champ.

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Halloween Challenge 2022 – Party


Halloween Challenge 2022 – Party


My painted rock (black) with yellow Party and orange dots



Halloween party with table decorations & my daughter in costume, many years ago.


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Halloween Challenge 2022 – Pumpkin


Halloween Challenge 2022 – Pumpkin


Four rocks painted like  jack-o-lantern pumpkins


This scary pumpkin head scarecrow is sitting on a swing in our neighbor’s front yard.


Happy Halloween – A Ballad for Jack


A Halloween Poem I wrote in 2015



Out in the garden, way in the back,

A tangle of vines did grow.

There was a secret, hidden away,

For only me to know.

I watered and tended this special vine,

And, day by day it grew.

Soon, it revealed an orange orb…

I was the only one who knew.

I was so happy, I talked to it…

In fact, I named him Jack.

He grew up big and strong, that gourd…

I think he liked me back.

Then as the days grew cooler yet,

And, the sun was feeling dim,

I wanted Jack to stay with me,

But, it was time to part from him.

And, so it came, that sad, sad day…

Jack said it would be fine…

I took my knife and severed him…

I cut him from the vine.

I cried a river, but through my tears,

Jack looked at me and smiled…

He said to carve a great big grin,

For every little child.

And, so I did, I carved a face

For Jack’s big orange head.

Now, every Halloween night that comes,

Jack’s eyes shine bright, instead.


A carved jack-o-lantern wearing a pirate hat


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Halloween Challenge 2022 – Moon


Halloween Challenge 2022 – Moon


Moon rock (painted orange with a face), added decorations of bats.




Beautiful orb up in the sky,

Shining bright, as night goes by.

New, quarter, half, and full,

Tides below, feel your pull.

Only one side do I see…

Reveal your dark side, please, to me.

Maybe some night, turn around…

To the world, you would astound.

Is it possible…could you try?

Would chaos rule…would mad-men cry?



My photo of the full moon one night with dark silhouetted tree branches in front.



A nice and easy song

“Shoot the Moon”, by Norah Jones


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Halloween Challenge 2022 – Creature


Halloween Challenge 2022 – Creature


And these creepy clown creatures were in our neighbor’s yard last year!

Amazing and artful

Bewitched and beautiful

Come the creatures

Daring to dance

Enchanted and ethereal

Fantastic and frightening

Ghosts and goblins

Haunting your Halloween


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Halloween Challenge 2022 – Forest & Haunted


Halloween Challenge 2022 – Forest & Haunted


For yesterday & today 🎃

From a haunted forest to a haunted house = Beware!

Rock painted black with orange bare branched trees, and mysterious eyes peeking out – “Beware – The Haunted Forest” in words.


House of horror

House of fright

Gives me chills

This cold, cold night

Afraid without

Afraid within

Rattling bones

And a skeleton’s grin

Cobwebs are hanging

And shutters are banging

What’s that noise

It’s chains a-clanging

There seeps a fog

So damp and dense

It swirls around

Both house and fence

The floors are creaky

Tonight’s most freaky

No place for those

Who’s hearts are weakly

Hear the lonely wolves a-howling

Ghosts and monsters go a-prowling

Dare you to come in with me

Two together…brave we’ll be


Halloween decoration – Black haunted house with ghosts



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Halloween Challenge 2022 – Grave


Halloween Challenge 2022 – Grave


My three painted rocks R I P (Graveyard Ghost)



Graveyard stark

Lonely park

Make your mark

In the dark


From deep holes

Shrieking ghouls

Ancient scrolls

Speak of trolls

Come all Souls…


Fenced in graves


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2022 BS