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Halloween Countdown – Costume


Halloween Countdown – Costume



Paolo (RIP) in his purple King costume (crown & cape)



The strong man superhero

The princess and the ghoul

This is the night for frightening

A night to play the fool

Their costumes fun or fanciful

Little beggars come to call

Tricks and treats are all in fun

Happy Halloween to them all


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Flower of the Day – Sugar Skull Plants


Flower of the Day – Sugar Skull Plants


Happy Halloween!


The aloe vera plant has some nice spiky green leaves. These are in cute Halloween containers. The first one is black, with sugar skulls and orange flowers, and the second one is in an orange ceramic pumpkin. The little label says, “Happy Aloe-Ween”.


Here are some small pink flowers and buds with larger green leaves. They are planted in yellow sugar skull cups.




For Cee’s Flower of the Day:


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Halloween Countdown # 29- Scream


Halloween Countdown # 29 – Scream


What kind of cake is served in a haunted house?

“I scream” cake.

Click to view

little cartoon kitty on top of cupcake


A Blitz Poem written in 2014



Scream out loud

Scream for Halloween

Halloween is fun

Halloween in October

October thirty-first

October in the fall

Fall of Rome

Fall is autumn

Autumn trees are pretty

Autumn brings chills

Chills and fever

Chills and thrills

Thrills are exciting

Thrills are daring

Daring and brave

Daring to live

Live and die

Live and love

Love me tender

Love me and leave me

Me and you

Me and my shadow

Shadow puppets

Shadow people

People are strange

People watching

Watching the clock

Watching and waiting

Waiting forever

Waiting around

Around the world

Around the block

Block and tackle

Block of cheese

Cheese and crackers

Cheese fondue

Fondue is fun

Fondue is festive

Festive and bright

Festive at night

Night is dark

Night is cold

Cold as ice

Cold is blue

Blue skies above

Blue as your eyes

Eyes can glow

Eyes are orbs




Faces painted on pumpkins (photos by my daughter at local arboretum)


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Halloween Countdown # 28 – Carve


Halloween Countdown # 28 – Carve


Here are some of my grand-kid’s carved pumpkin jack-o-lanterns

And these two were from my daughter’s photos at the local arboretum.  A large sunflower cut-out, and a green painted alien face.

A Halloween Poem I wrote in 2015



Out in the garden, way in the back,

A tangle of vines did grow.

There was a secret, hidden away,

For only me to know.

I watered and tended this special vine,

And, day by day it grew.

Soon, it revealed an orange orb…

I was the only one who knew.

I was so happy, I talked to it…

In fact, I named him Jack.

He grew up big and strong, that gourd…

I think he liked me back.

Then as the days grew cooler yet,

And, the sun was feeling dim,

I wanted Jack to stay with me,

But, it was time to part from him.

And, so it came, that sad, sad day…

Jack said it would be fine…

I took my knife and severed him…

I cut him from the vine.

I cried a river, but through my tears,

Jack looked at me and smiled…

He said to carve a great big grin,

For every little child.

And, so I did, I carved a face

For Jack’s big orange head.

Now, every Halloween night that comes,

Jack’s eyes shine bright, instead.


An orange pumpkin I carved into a jack-o-lantern wearing a pirate hat


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Halloween Countdown # 21 – Drink


Halloween Countdown # 21 – Drink


Small painted black bottle with label ‘zombie brew’ with a stick on zombie


Double double boil and bubble

Wendy the witch stirred her brew

All of a sudden that witchy brew blew

Double double a burst of bubble

Disbelief at resulting rubble

Click to view

cartoon witch stirring cauldron while spider watches


Don’t drink the potion! Small painted green bottle with label ‘snake venom’, and my painted rock – green with black and orange ‘potion’


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Halloween Countdown # 20 – Decor


Halloween Countdown # 20 – Decor


My painted rock that says Decorate. It’s white with orange decorations stamped on.


Cute decorations:

Sticky door decorations of ghosts, jack-o-lantern, & bat

Also a hanging skull with black streamers that blow in the wind we’ve used many times on the front porch


Now a scary decoration:

This is a scary looking squirrel Halloween decoration. He is gray, with a red eye, and pointy teeth with fake red blood dripping out of his mouth.


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Halloween Countdown # 18 – Desserts


Halloween Countdown # 18 – Desserts


My painted rocks to look like candy corn! They all have smiling faces! 🙂


These chocolate candy skulls are really good!


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Halloween Countdown # 18 – Vampire


Halloween Countdown # 18 – Vampire


My painted rock of a Vampire (purple suit/red cape/pointed ears/fangs/red eyes)


Sharp the fangs

And red eyes pierce

My wicked visage

Is most fierce

Look not upon my face of fear

Lest you feel me rip and tear


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Halloween Countdown # 16 – Spider


Halloween Countdown # 16 – Spider


My mystery box toy chickens with chalkboard ‘Spider’, and they say ‘watch out for the web’



Spider spins and dreams

Intricate strands of silver

Ethereal web


Halloween decoration – small gravestone with spider web & black spider


My painted rock spider (yellow rock/black spider)


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Halloween Countdown # 13 – Ghost


Halloween Countdown # 13 – Ghost


These are my painted ghost rocks.

original painting by BS – ghostmmnc

Sky blue & silver background with Ghost in swirly letters. It changes the way it looks in different lights.




I am Ghost

Ghost I am

Inked in sky-blue letters

A swirl of ethereal reality

Tattooed on my skin

Tattooed on my soul






A fun Halloween Ghost at my daughter’s house!


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