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Toy Ghost

Puzzle piece that was missing – now found

So, most of you know I love talking about ghosts, and writing about my true ghost stories. Well, my resident ghost has been up to silly tricks again. Ghost likes to take things for awhile, then gives them back. There’s been lots of incidents like this in the past. Most of these are just harmless things to take notice of, or be annoyed by them.

This latest one is of the ‘scratch your head – why’ variety. Here’s the scene:

The living room – we find that a cat toy is missing. This is a cotton-stuffed, fabric toy that I made myself, which we roll in catnip every few days. It is Cricket’s favorite toy. She can lick it, roll on it, kick it, and go to kitty dreamland hugging it. It is always on the little extra couch we have in here, and is never moved from there. She doesn’t ever move it. Now, it is gone. Just gone. We’ve looked under the couch, under the blankets and pillows, on the floor, and in every room in the house, just to make sure. It is gone. It’s been missing for at least a week or so. She has other catnip toys, but you can tell that for her, it’s just not the same. (sigh)

The kitchen – yesterday we find a jigsaw puzzle piece in the floor. There’s nothing strange about that, as I’ve been working the puzzles for months, now, and sometimes a piece falls on the floor. I pick it up right away.This puzzle piece, however, is the one piece that was missing from the puzzle I told you about awhile back…the one of the Sugar Skull. It was a brand new puzzle, but this piece came up missing. I’ve worked at least 4 other puzzles since finishing that one. There weren’t any missing pieces of those, and no extra ones either.

We’ve walked through the kitchen probably a million times, and had not seen this one piece just laying there in the middle of the floor. It would have been impossible not to notice it. But…yesterday, there it was, just as if it wanted us to notice it. I was like, how can this be? It’s been missing the whole time, and now, here it is! Then, I remembered…our Ghost. Um-hmm, go figure.

Missing cat toy = take away

Find missing puzzle piece = give something back to us.

Maybe one of these days Ghost will give back the cat toy…but, what will Ghost take away next?

*** I would show you a photo of the missing cat toy, but it’s gone missing!

Cricket wants her toy back


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Introduced in 1890, by Elijah Bond, as a harmless parlor game, the Ouija board has gained quite the negative reputation. It is a flat board, with numbers, letters, yes, no, sun, and moon, and good-bye, printed on it. A person/persons use a planchette to put their hands on, expecting the board to move the device around the board to spell out answers to the questions it’s been asked. Is this some sort of magic? Is it demonic? Is it just, as stated, a simple parlor game for kids?

I don’t know. Some people swear it is evil…that it opens a portal to the underworld and calls forth demons. Despite the warnings, the Ouija board game can still be purchased at toy stores today.

I had a Ouija board when I was a kid. Me and my friends played it all the time, with no ill effects. We’d ask silly questions…and it would move the planchette we had our hands on…and give us an answer. Most times it was right, and for a fact, we were not making it move. I don’t know how it works, but it does.

One question I asked it was, would I get a dog? It said yes. I asked when? It said January. (this was back in the fall). Sure enough, come January, I did get a puppy. I named him Dusty, and he was an awesome dog, who lived with us for many years.

Later on, my own kids were playing with a friend’s Ouija board, when they hollered, all excited, that they’d contacted a spirit called Seth. When I heard that, I made them stop, and told them the story I’d read about Seth.

It is written in a series of books, called “Seth Speaks”, by Jane Roberts. Her and her husband claimed they’d contacted the discarnate entity of Seth, and he was speaking through her. Her husband transcribed all she spoke, as Seth, and they wrote every dialog down in the book series. One of the main topics of the writings is, as Seth told them, that each individual creates their own reality.There is much, much more.

So, when the kids said they’d contacted Seth, I told them this and they put it away, never to play it again.


For more information on Ouija boards and the Seth books, go to…

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For Nano Poblano and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)



“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hellloooo! Don’t mean to scare you, but I am the nice lady’s Spirit Candle. I’m happy to be here at her house, and I’ve been here at least a year or so. I haven’t played any tricks on her…yet! haha… Anyway, here’s my story. The nice lady wrote it a pretty long while ago, and I like it, because it’s all about me! 🙂


I have this candle. It sits on the shelf in my living room, in a square, glass jar. It is red, smells good, like spice, and is named “Christmas Spirit”. I’ve had it awhile, but have never lit it. My sister gave it to me because she was scared of it.

You may think that’s a strange reason to gift me with the candle, but I don’t. She knows I love all weird and paranormal things, and this candle had been acting ‘weird’ over at her house. I think she’d bought it at a yard sale, along with some others, a long time ago. She had this one and the others sitting out on her kitchen table, as she was thinking of getting rid of them, now.

She gave me the candle, and told me this spooky story about it. … She was sitting at her table, early one morning, while the house was quiet. She was sipping her coffee, when all of a sudden, the glass lid on the ‘Spirit’ candle popped off with a loud noise, and flew off across the room. It landed quite a distance away, but didn’t break. She was lucky it did not hit her, as it went flying by. There was no rational reason for the lid to come off the glass jar. The table was not jiggled, the room was an even temperature, and the lid had been securely fastened down on top of the jar. She had never burned the candle, either.

So, that’s why she was scared of it…maybe it was possessed, or would do it again at any given moment. Anyway, now I have it. I’ve been waiting for it to do something else…hoping it would flip it’s lid again…anything. I thought that being over here, at my house, with the resident spirits and ghosts, would trigger an incident, but so far it hasn’t. I wish it would.

Could it be that the ‘spirits’ in the Christmas candle are happier now, being around others of it’s kind? I don’t know, but if it does do anything else strange, I’ll let you know.


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JNW’s 31 DAYS of HALLOWEEN – DAY 31 – COSTUME pumpkin-161650_1280

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Costume


Today is the final day of this Halloween Challenge. I have had so much fun taking new photos, and looking through all my old photos for each day’s topic word. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for such a fun challenge! Happy Halloween! 🙂


Here’s a couple of my early costumes. There’s me and my little sister one Halloween. I think I was dressed as a gypsy?

Next is a costume I made when I was in Blue Birds (a group like Girl Scouts). We had to make them out of paper bags. 🙂

img_4314 img_4320

Our family had quite a few Halloween Costume parties over the years. We’d all dress up, have games, snacks, a homemade haunted house in the cellar, and I’d read an original spooky story of mine, complete with props, like peeled grapes for eyeballs, and spaghetti noodle innards.  Sometimes, we’d even have a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange game, with oddball gifts to snatch and trade. We had lots of fun! 🙂


Weird looking Betty Boop?


Witch, Ghost, & Ghoul


Vampire Ghoul?


Me, hamming it up as a witch


My cousin, many years ago


My uncle as a pirate


Happy Halloween!

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OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 15 & 16 – “WHO ARE YOU?”


OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 15 & 16 – “WHO ARE YOU?”


Today I’ve combined the last two word prompts for October Poetry Writing Month.

Day 15 prompt word was ‘blue’

Day 16 prompt word is ‘depth’



photo from public domain pictures



If you were to see,

A vampire with blue eyes,

Would you still be frightened?

Would you realize?

What if instead of fangs,

Sharpened to a point,

You saw a vampire’s teeth

All straightened and ajoint?

A Vampire could be anyone,

Anyone at all…

Just waiting for your trust,

Waiting for your fall.

You fall into the depth

Of those azure eyes;

Your heart on a silver platter,

Where you’ll surely be sucked dry.


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JNW’s 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN – DAY 16 – TRICKS  pumpkin-161650_1280

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Tricks


This is a poem I wrote for OctPoWriMo  back in 2014. Maybe I should re-title it “Tricks of the Eye”?

We love to play make-believe at Halloween, by putting on costumes and masks. We think we are

tricking you, but most can see through your masquerade. 🙂




The day before tomorrow…is today…

Your mask of anticipation builds.

Excitement electrifies the air.

What will you be?

What have you been before?

Your inside self begs to come out.

Today, your tomorrow will be revealed.

Think of it…

Why do you want to be another,

Or, do both of you reside inside together?

One day to be the other.

Let it be known…

Your true self – your alter ego –

Will come forth.

A subconscious serenade to

What could have been.

You put on your Halloween masquerade of reality…

It hides nothing…It shows everything.

Your true identity is loosed into the here and now.

One night to reveal…One night to peel away

At your brick walls of respectability.

Go forth in your splendor…fooling no one.

Your psyche revels in it’s one night to be true.

Don’t be frightened, it’s only you…

Your innate personality shows you the way.

This one night to surface. They’ll understand.

You’ll squelch, and hide, and deceive yourself.

When the revelry is over, the night turns to normalcy and,

You’ll be the deceiver of your soul again.

Hiding away your alter ego for another night like this…

A future into what future may come.

You quiet your soul’s yearning for release from polite restraints.

Your wild wants out…it wants to take over.

Society would frown, and put you down…

You must fit in, you’re required to blend…

Until this one night – Halloween Night –

When your mask shows truly what you’ve been.



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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 15/16


Today’s Stream of Consciousness topic is ‘screen’.

The first thing that comes to mind for me when I see/hear that word is an old fashioned screen door. I wish I had one here, but we only have the glass storm doors.

The second thing I think of is ‘screen memories’. These are memories you have that aren’t quite real. They are planted into your subconscious for some reason, to hide what event really happened. Maybe that is so you won’t find out the truth, or become afraid that something happened to you that was so traumatic you don’t want to remember.

I believe I’ve had quite a a few of these over many years, beginning when I was just a little kid. I’d sneak out to stare at the night sky, the stars, and look for UFOs. I was too young to even know what a UFO was, but I felt a calling from somewhere, to go and look. I still feel that sort of yearning to, I don’t know, go home? Sounds silly, kinda like the movie E.T., but this was real for me, back in the early 1950s, long before that movie was made.

The thing about screen memories is, you remember something, in a way that feels like it really happened that way, but it’s just a little odd, a little off. Some say you might remember an owl, or rabbit, or something like that, in a totally wrong situation. I’ve written down my dreams for years and years, and this comes up quite often. Rabbits feature a lot in my memories. I’ve read that it could be a suspicious screen memory for missing time. I’ve had that happen, too. You tell someone about what you thought happened, but no one remembers it ever happening, or that something happened that way. The thing is, they are not really just dreams. These things happened, but you remember them as having had a dream, with some of the facts altered.

Anyway, you may think this is all a bunch of ‘BS’ … hah my initials! … but that’s how it is for me with the screen memories, and the prompt for the day, screen. 🙂


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Flowing shroud

Moaning loud

Misty fog

Swampy bog

Haunting night

Lantern light

Scary scene


Spooky specters roam around

Corpses rise from underground

Spiders crawl to fuel your fears

Rest in peace for years and years

Come Halloween, ghosts converge

Fantasy and real will surely merge



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OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 11 – LIVELY octpowrimo2016c



Lively livin’ led to death

You had fun ’til your last breath

Now you lay in cold, dark crypt

From this world you’ve been ripped

You’ll rise again, once a year

All Hallow’s Eve night will soon be here

So, shake your bones and have a party

Your skeleton dance is hale and hearty

Open your coffin and have some fun

When the sun rises, your day is done


img_4157 img_4154

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JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Haunted



My Grandma’s house always had a spooky feeling to it. As a kid, my cousin and I would spend the night over there in the back bedroom…even though we were scared of that room.

It felt like something was watching us from up in the NW corner of the ceiling. One night we heard what we swore were babies crying in the living room, so we sneaked in there to have a look.

The room was dim, but no lights were on. What we saw was the old rocking chair, just rocking back and forth…no one was sitting in it. Could this have been a ghost, rocking a ghost baby? I don’t know, but that is what we believed.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s a picture of the house today. It looks like a regular old house, doesn’t it? I don’t know who lives there now, but I always wonder if they have weird things happen in there like we used to, all those years ago. It looks about the same as when my grandparents lived there.

My next post will tell more about the creepy things I felt in and around the garage, which is over to the right, and back a bit.

Hope you’re enjoying hearing about my paranormal experiences!🙂






Have you ever felt like an unseen presence was watching you? You get that creepy feeling, maybe your hair stands up on the back of your neck, or you get hyper sensitive of any stealthy noises? Your ears want to hear something, anything, but you don’t…you just feel an overwhelming need to leave where you are. You are being watched. You don’t know who it is…or what it is, but you can sense they are there.

I have had this feeling lots of times. The most frequent was at my Grandma’s house…the one from my previous story. I could feel someone or something watching me in that back bedroom, which was scary, but the strongest feeling of this was in the garage. It was an old wooden and stucco outbuilding, right by the house. It was big enough for one car, and some items hanging on the walls on either side. The floor was just dirt, and there were two doors you’d have to open to get the car inside or out…no automatic garage door on this old place. The whole structure seemed kind of rickety, and there was always a musty smell, of old dirt and car parts. Nothing sinister, just the usual homeowner’s garage filled with tools, and other items.

However, if you went further into the garage, there was another door. Back behind where the car was parked, was a flimsy door. When in that little back room you could feel the weirdness. It didn’t look very strange, just a bunch of canning jars, and miscellaneous stored items, some junk from the house being stored. My cousin and I would always beg to go prowl around in there, though, mainly because it was spooky, and we liked to look at all the stuff.

The very best part, we thought, was an antique trunk. It must have belonged to some long lost relative, I don’t know, but it had all kinds of interesting things in there to look at. There were clothes from a bygone era, mementos, and a strange little box with this person’s hair in it…sort of a long tress of brown and gray, tied with a ribbon. It was fascinating!

Just as we’d get really into our discoveries, though we’d get spooked, because we could definitely feel/sense that we were being watched. Maybe it was the original owner of the trunk, but we never saw anyone…ghost or otherwise. We’d try to stick it out and keep looking, but it never failed, there would come a point where we had to run, run as fast as we could out of there, before the unseen entity grabbed at us.

I went in there lots of times by myself, even when I was told not to, but I couldn’t resist. I never knew what ever happened to that old trunk when my Grandma moved away. Wish I did.

Do you ever get the creepy, being watched feeling?

One more note: Later on, when my Grandma would go out of town, she’d ask me to come over to water plants, get the mail, and just check that all was ok with the house while she was gone. I would do it, but I’ll tell you what…I did it in a hurry, because being in that quiet house all by myself, was almost too much to take. I could feel the watcher’s eyes on me the whole time!

Thanks for reading my true ghost stories! Next time I’ll tell you some things that happened in my own houses over the years!


img_3319 img_3316 img_4104



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