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Dear Bread Companies


Dear Bread Companies


For awhile I was making up silly letters to companies. I never sent any of them, of course, but it was fun to write them.

This was one from 2014.


Dear Bad Bread Companies:

What is up with your plastic packaging? There is too much writing on them. The plastic is fine to keep your bread products in, until…dun, dun, dun…it goes all moldy. Yes, it does.

It’s hard to keep fresh in that plastic bag, with the twist-tie closure. However, with all the logos of your company, nutirition information, bright, bold colors, and stating the fact that there is bread in there, it is too hard to actually ‘see’ the bread.

After consuming a few slices, you know, putting your possibly ‘not sterile clean hands’ in there, which has to be transferring germs, the further down slices do occasionally go moldy. You’ve seen it, I’m sure…it’s that ugly, blue-green color. Even if it is only on one slice, you can bet your bottom dollar, that mold spores are multiplying like crazy inside that bag. The spores are touching, growing, and infecting the whole lot of it. You may not see it yet, but it’s there.

I get mildly upset about it…mildly upset, that most of the loaf of bread is wasted…not actually flinging the whole mold encrusted bread bag across the room, but still…Ewww, gross!

The fact is, with all the package pretty much obscuring the bread inside, I just can’t tell if it’s molded, or not. I try, I really do, to see through any clear spots, but it’s no use. I still have to dump the remaining slices out, just to check for mold. That, of course, exposes it to even more germs that are floating around in the air, which would certainly love to land on a piece of bread, to begin their germy, devouring destruction of said bread.

My helpful solution to this aggravating problem is this – use clear bags, small lettering of your logo, and the ingredients label. You don’t have to tell us it is bread…we can tell what it is in there because it is squishy, and on the shelves where the bread is located in the store. Another helpful hint…do away with those colored twist-ties used to close the package. I think they are some kind of secret code, anyway. To whom, I have no idea, as no one I know has any idea what they mean.

One last, reccomendation…use a ziplock or slider type closure. This would be so much easier. It wouldn’t be lost like a twist-tie, and I wouldn’t have to find a clothes-pin or chip-clip to fasten the package.

So, could you, a big important bread company, who values your customer’s satisfaction with your product, please make these few adjustments? I’d be so, so grateful, and I will keep buying your yummy bread. Otherwise, your bread is dead to me…I’ll buy from your competitors…that is if they consider these very same hints to improve their product line.


A Loyal Customer (for many years, but am now fed up)


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3 Things Challenge – Noodles High


3 Things Challenge – Noodles High


These are the prompt words for today. Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge, Paula! 🙂

Today’s prompt: bank, noodles, miracle


Noodles High School was named after the song, “Yankee Doodle”, which was an embarrassment in itself, but we learned to live with it. Yes, many jokes were made, most often by our own student body. It didn’t help that our school color was that fake orange that looked like mac ‘n cheese from a box.

Our cafeteria was notorious for serving Ramen noodles every day, as one of the lunch choices. I must admit, I liked them. It was a miracle everyone didn’t revolt, but we took it in stride.

I was the Senior Class Treasurer, Why I got elected, I don’t know, as I wasn’t good at keeping track of money, but hey…running the school bank gave me a little recognition, and got my picture in the yearbook.

All in all, I had a fun time during my years as a student at Noodles High…good ‘ol NHS.

Noodles High Noodles High

Long may we wave our banners

Noodles High Noodles High

We’re polite and mind our manners


fun fact: my sister went to a school they called Noodle High (the actual name was New Deal High)


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World Record – 3 Things Challenge


World Record -3 Things Challenge

Today’s prompt: hammer, braid, Canada

Today’s prompt: cow, trapeze, avocado

Today’s prompt: lipstick, piano, butterfly


Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge, Paula! 🙂


World Record

It was time…time for the daredevil act of the century. If this stunt could be successfully accomplished, it would qualify as a historic page in the history books.

The contestant was back stage getting herself prepared. She scrubbed her face with an avocado paste, applied ‘Radiant Red’ lipstick, and braided her hair with ribbons. Being a Canadian citizen, she wore a white cape with a red Maple Leaf design stitched on. She felt ready to begin her flight into history.

The people from Guinness Record Books were there, too, to document this never before done trapeze act. It was a first to beat all firsts.

Gong Gong Gong

The hammer beat upon the gong to signal it was starting. The crowd was hushed in anticipation. Then, as the star of the day came into the arena, the loudspeakers introduced her to a rousing piano tune.

Mounting the specially made trapeze, she swung higher and higher, and even higher…and she let go! Soaring through the air as beautiful as a butterfly

the cow jumped over the moon!

photo found on Pixabay


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Frozen – Photo Fiction – May


Frozen – Photo Fiction – May

May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt


Here’s the photo for the month of May, that Diana, of Myths of the Mirror has given us to write about. Thanks, Diana! You can find her blog, and details of the challenge at the above link.


The photo is done in golds and browns. The man’s right arm and chest are encased in gold armor. He is looking down at his arm.

this is an image of a man who is part human and part machine. Behind him are gears and wires as well as a hint of fire or electricity.

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner




Hey, what are you looking at?

Yes, I’m a mannequin, a real live mann – e – quin. I’m real, and I see you.

Don’t believe me?

I used to be a real man, but I was down on my luck and looking for a job. They were hiring at this one place for a live statue, or mannequin, as you may call it.

Wonderful, I thought, getting a paycheck for just standing there for a few hours. So I applied, and got the job.

I had no problems the first few weeks, but then something weird happened. We had a power outage at the store. It was caused by a lightning strike, I think I heard them say.

But, when the power came back on, I was unable to move. I was frozen in place, and it was a bit embarrassing, being dressed in this outlandish steam punk outfit. People who used to glance my way on a normal day, would now stop and stare intently at me. And, I could do nothing about it. I couldn’t even speak. I could move my eyes, though, and I’d glare at them, hoping to cast an evil eye their way.

It’s been a week now, since the unthinkable happened. I’m still here, and there have been many doctors, scientists, and others who have come to try and fix me. I wish they’d hurry up with a cure.

Come on, come on, come on … I’m getting hungry, and my nose itches, but there’s no way to let them know. How much longer must this go on?


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Skin & Bones – 3 Things Challenge


Skin & Bones – 3 Things Challenge


Today’s prompt: truck, skin, library


I used to deal in skin & bones.

Sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it? But, no…let me explain.

A delivery truck would haul my supply of skin and bones to me, every week.

I’d take the bones, rubbing and creasing the skins to sharp, straight lines. Everyone said I was the best skin and bone wielder…the best at my job.

Well, it needed to be done. The skins needed to fit closely. The bone knife was just the tool for the job.

The skins were tough, and they could take all the handling in their future, too.

So, now I’ve told you a little about my job, I need to get back to work in the library.


Note … this is a true story! I used to work in different libraries, and one of my jobs was to take the see-through plastic covers (skins), crease them to fit the books with the bone knife. It was a fun job! 🙂


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Eye Liner – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter E


Eye Liner – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter E #AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter E


Mystery Box Chickens say “Our writing is Chicken Scratch!”

Blue, green, pink, & yellow fuzzy chickens gathered around pink framed chalkboard. Two chickens are sitting on top of the Mystery Box which is brown & gold


Here’s a fun made-up letter …I didn’t send it!


Dear Make-up Companies,

I love to wear make-up. There, I’ve said it, and lots of women would agree with me, I’m sure.

This letter is just a general observation for you all. I’m not singling any specific one of you out, as for myself, I use make-up products from several companies, every day.

My question is…why do you feel you need to discontinue parts of your product line, from time to time? Let’s take, for example, eye-liners. You develop an awesome eye-liner. It sells all across the U.S. and possibly more countries, around the globe. It has sold very well for years. There is loyalty from the consumers of this particular eye-liner.

Then, one day, it is nowhere to be found; no stores have it for sale, anymore.

Why would you cancel a very popular product? Why would you not even give a warning, that it soon would be gone? Is that any way to treat your customers?

We then have to go through a process of finding another eye-liner that we like. We already know whatever we find, won’t be as good as the old one was. What we do, is buy another one from your product line. We try it…reject it. Then, we buy one from another company…try it, reject it. On and on it goes, until we finally settle for one, because, hey…we ‘need’ some eye-liner.

Then, maybe years later, the original company advertises that they have their awesome eye-liner, again. We get all excited that, yay, our old favorite is back. But, we look at the package. It says ‘new and improved formula’. It promises to be everything the old one was, and more.

So, we buy it, try it, and…what a letdown. It’s not that it’s bad, just different, and not in a good way. It has not been improved at all, and it isn’t the old stand-by, either.

I’m sure there will be plenty of buyers of this ‘new’ one, and possibly will become their favorite. They never used the first one, though.

Meanwhile, we are left disappointed with the quality, and regret all the money we’ve wasted, trying different ones. We even do a small rant, in our minds, every time we put on eye-liner, from whichever company we buy it from. You know how it goes…”Why? Just, why did you do it?”

I’d really like an explanation. Is this the End of the Line?


Looking for Answers


“End of the Line”, by the Traveling Wilburys, was released from their album, “Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1, in 1989. It was written by Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty, and is on the Wilbury label.




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Three Things Challenge # 36 – 41


Three Things Challenge # 36 – 41


Trying to catch up with the past few prompts from Paula’s Three Things Challenge. I just kept adding to the story…:)


Today’s prompt: insomnia, meringue, basement

Today’s prompt: zoo, aluminum, cocoa

Today’s prompt: carpenter, mile, Jupiter

Today’s prompt: limits, donation, eagle

Today’s prompt: well, ballroom, cactus

Today’s prompt: tears, grass, hologram


So, after coming home from the zoo yesterday, I had a bout of insomnia. With nothing better to do, I went into my basement kitchen to make a pie. I love pie…chocolate being my favorite kind.

I got out my aluminum pan to make the pudding mixture in, and used plenty of cocoa to make it extra rich. When that was done, I cracked some eggs to use the whites for a fluffy meringue topping.

It didn’t take long at all, so when it was all finished I had to have a big slice of my fresh chocolate pie. Yum!

Now satisfied from eating up to my limits in pie, I was feeling sleepy, so went on up to bed. I dreamed of floating on a cloud of sweet meringue. But, as usual, my sweet dreams morphed into a more terrifying scene.

I floated on my meringue cloud all the way up to the planet Jupiter. It was a pleasant ride, sailing through the milky way, and only dodging a few meteors along the sky highway. But, I kept hearing a banging noise. When I looked down, I could see a bevy of carpenters hammering away, as they built a wooden ladder. It was already so many miles long it was about to reach me. I didn’t like the looks of this turn of events at all. What was I supposed to do?

Well, I was startled awake by a sharp pain in my foot, at this point in my nightmare. What the heck?

I turned on the light to examine my foot, and saw spikes embedded in my ankle, and my ornamental cactus at the foot of the bed. I must have thrashed around and kicked it off the window sill. I couldn’t hold back a few tears. I had to use tweezers and my eagle eyes to remove the painful thorns.

Later that day I went into my ball room …that is my walk in closet. That’s where I go to meditate, and consult my crystal ball. Don’t laugh…

I asked what was the meaning of my strange dream, and a vision emerged from the cloudy interior of the crystal globe. I saw a lovely green meadow of grass, and a hologram of my long deceased father. He was a master carpenter when he was alive, and now in this vision, I could see he was building the ladder to reach me. I felt there was something important he wanted me to know.

The words came to me from out of the ether…

“Don’t eat chocolate pie right before you go to bed. It will give you nightmares!”

I laughed, and vowed if I baked another pie, I’d make it for a donation to the local free food kitchen.


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Finish the Story – The Travelers


Finish the Story – The Travelers


I was tagged by msjadeli of Tao Talks to add to this Finish the Story challenge. Thanks so much!

This story was started by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith. Thanks so much!

Both their blogs can be found at the links below:

The Travelers [FTS]


  1. Copy the story as you receive it.
  2. Add to the story in some fashion.
  3. Tag another person to contribute to or finish the story.
  4. Please use FTS as a tag so I can find it or link back to part 1.
  5. Have Fun!

Teresa began the story…

The Travelers

Alexander and Alistair waited in line to check on their flight. It didn’t matter how long the line was, or how tired they were of waiting in it, they were happy to be getting away for a week. Life had not been difficult, but it was still nice to finally get away–alone.

Alexander couldn’t wait to show Alistair around Pompeii and Alistair couldn’t wait to show Alexander around his old home. They enjoyed people watching in the airport and passed time telling stories of the old days.

Finally, it was their turn to check in. Alexander sat his luggage in the bin and watched as a scrawny kid retrieved it and threw it on a conveyor belt. He cringed and crossed his fingers that his cologne didn’t break.

It wasn’t until they were standing by the large window at their gate watching their luggage be thrown around like last week’s trash that they noticed it. Something was not right.

“Hey, Alistair,” Alexander said, pointing out to the luggage cart. “Do you see that?”

Alistair followed Alexander’s finger and squinted. “Yeah. What is that?”

“I can’t be sure, but it looks like …

Then came Paula’s part…

The luggage on one of the other carts was all black with a lightning bolt logo. And sure enough a black stretch limo with the same logo pulled up directly to the plane and out tumbled the crazy rockers the Zappers and their entourage.

“Oh no,” Alistair moaned. “Those lunatics will be on our flight!”

Alexander sighed. “Horrible. They always get up to some ridiculous shenanigans, but surely they’ll behave themselves in the air?”

“It’s too late to change our tickets?”

“Well, yes. Our luggage is being flung into the bowels of this tin can as we speak.”

The men stared glumly out the window, their previous good mood soured. When they were called to board, they stood in line without speaking, having mutually decided to stoically bear the flight and have fun after landing, when the nutty rockers had gone.

Women chatted behind them in line. “Oh my God! Did you hear that the Zappers are on our flight? I’m totally gonna sneak into first class to see them!”

“I have such a crush on Nikki Zapper! I bet he does something wild and we have to make an emergency landing!”

Alistair and Alexander looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

But all went smoothly during takeoff, and then as one of the flight attendants was giving the safety presentation, a blond man dressed in black leather popped out of the first class section, grabbed her, and kissed her.

Now it’s my turn…

Several people in coach lifted up their cell phones to record Nikki as he laid one on Myra, the flight attendant, ooh-ing and aah-ing as they did. Myra was torn, as she was supposed to rebuff any advances by the passengers, no matter how famous; but on the other hand, she had been a global fan of Nikki and the Zappers for years, using her bene of free flights to see them dozens of times. She even had a likeness of Nikki tattooed in her cleavage. Throwing caution to the wind, she kissed Nikki back and soon they, locked in an embrace, were stumbling towards the bathroom – where they would be the newest members of the Mile High Club.

As they often synched with each other over the years, Alistair and Alexander looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“Well, I never!,” huffed Alistair.

“Indeed!,” puffed Alexander.

“Let the shenanigans begin. Where are those sleepers you packed. Time to take a snooze until the show is over,” said Alistair.

Alexander reached for his carry-on, which was stuffed under his seat, and retrieved enough for both of them. They asked another attendant for a handful of the little booze bottles to wash them down with. Soon they were fast asleep, snoring to beat kingdom come.

Neither one knew how long they had slept, but both were awakened by the throbbing bassline of the latest Nikki and the Zappers tune, “Don’t Harsh My Buzz.” They were shocked to see….

This next part is from me:

…that the lights in the plane’s cabin had been turned off. Being that it was night time, they couldn’t see a thing in the dark. The bass guitar was still pounding out the beat so loud it shook their insides.

Suddenly an explosion of neon like lights began flickering all around the plane’s interior, as the Zappers launched into their current number one song.  Passengers were crowding into the narrow aisle, and even just standing at their seats, dancing and singing along to the music.

The captain came on the loudspeakers: “Welcome to the party of the year…we present the Zappers for your inflight entertainment. Free drinks for everyone!

A big cheer rocked this unusual concert venue.

“Can you believe this?” Alistair asked, as he busted a move right there in his seat.

Alexander looked at Alistair. They were grinning from ear to ear, but didn’t roll their eyes at this exciting turn of events.

Cocktails and cups of beer were passed around, as the party continued through the night, 32,000 feet above the ground, but a sudden lurch of the plane made everyone gasp. The plane yawed to the left, then to the right. People screamed and tumbled into each other.

This is your captain…please everyone…sit down and fasten your seat belts…


I tag Sadje

Hope to see what happens next, Sadje, but no obligation…just for fun!


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Green Gunk – Three Things Challenge # 33/34/35


Green Gunk – Three Things Challenge # 33/34/35

Today’s prompt: earthquake, vanilla, pillbox

Today’s prompt: guitar, forest, caviar 

Today’s prompt: stockings, radio, algae


I felt the earthquake seconds before hearing the emergency announcement on the radio. I’d been through earthquakes before, so wasn’t overly concerned. However, the shaking and undulating kept on for quite awhile this time.

I was still in my stocking feet, but I knew my earthquake survival tips. First, though, I grabbed my pillbox. If things got too bad, I’d need my medications.

The rumbling continued. Living as I did near the redwood forest, I hoped none of the ancient trees would topple over. I was surprised to hear the radio still playing guitar tunes in between warnings and updates.

Things in my house started falling now, including my spice rack that had been hanging on the wall in the kitchen. A bottle of vanilla broke open. It smelled really nice, and I’d have enjoyed it more if I could be sure my house would still be standing when this was over. My expensive jar of caviar was next to bite the dust, as it were. That smell wasn’t as nice, but it did make me hungry. I adore caviar on toast points, and vowed to get another jar soon.

And now it is over. I stood up, checking for more damage. Outside others were coming out of their houses, too. We weren’t prepared for what we saw. A giant crack in the earth was right in front of our houses…the street was one long fissure. It had swallowed up the cars, the sidewalks, and everything else in it’s path. There was some kind of green gunk too, that was creeping up the sides. It looked like algae to me, and I didn’t want to get near it, so I went back inside to start cleaning up.

The radio was still playing, but I froze when I heard the next warning. They were saying the green algae was all over town…suspected to be highly radioactive. We were to stay indoors, sealing up any doors and windows so it wouldn’t contaminate us.

Well crap…where did I put the duct tape?


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Three Things Challenge # 29/30


Three Things Challenge # 29/30

Today’s prompt: merchant, danger, lavender

Today’s prompt: rocks, oregano, carburetor


It was 1971. My friends and I were rolling down the road, singing along to the songs on the radio. We had no forewarning…



The little golden bell tinkled as we entered the shop. We’d never seen this place before, but there it was, exactly when we needed it, appearing out of no where.

You see, our van had broken down, now forlorn on the side of the road as we’d traveled the highways and byways. Adventure was our motto, but how could we continue now? We needed a mechanic.

This place didn’t look like a garage, but maybe we could call someone. There was the scent of burning incense and oregano, or maybe something a little more enticing, wafting in the small room. The merchant, came out of a back area. There was something strange about him, though, as he never spoke a word to us at first. He picked up two, lavender painted rocks from the counter, which he struck together three times.

“Your carburetor is fixed,” he said.

Well, we thanked him and left money for his help, as we stepped back outside to our van. It started right up, and we took off back down the road.

Now, you may think this was just a hallucination on our part, but it happened. Talking about it later on, we all said we’d felt an aura of danger about the man we encountered. We were all glad to be on our way.


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