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Grand Finale – A to Z – 2023 – Letter Z


Grand Finale – A to Z – 2023 – Letter Z April Gone Rogue Badge


Well, another A to Z Blog Challenge has come and gone. This is my final entry for 2023 and it’s been fun. Hope you’ve enjoyed some of these posts, new and from long ago. Thank you so much for all the visits, likes, and comments! They are so appreciated! ❤


Letter Z is for…Zuider Zee

The Zuider Zee is a restaurant that we had here in town. It isn’t here any more, but it was a really good seafood restaurant. Also, a good date night destination! This is a menu I saved. It is olive green with a red lobster or crawfish smiling, wearing a chef’s hat and an apron.🙂



ZIA – Zentangle Inspired Art

The drawings are some zentangle inspired art. The bookmarks are some I’ve done to leave at random places I go. These are left for others to find and enjoy.

Then, just because I like drawing, a page in my art notebook about music.



A zinger is an amusing, witty remark.

The first thing I think of with the word zinger, is of the snack cake by the same name. The ones I remember were like Twinkies, only they were covered with a raspberry/coconut topping. I thought they were pretty good! 🙂



Zinger means to me…

Amusing remark and snack

Witty, bitty cake


© 2016 BS


Let’s wrap this A to Z 2023 Blog Challenge up with some Zydeco music!

“My Zydeco Shoes”, by Chubby Carrier, and the Bayou Swamp Band, and featuring Jamie Bergeron and Geno Delafose.


Zee End

Mystery Box Chickens & Giraffe were happy to meet you. Have a great summer, and see you next year! 🙂


Mystery Box Chickens say, “See ya next April”. ❤


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Yes Yoda Yeti – A to Z – 2023 – Letter Y


Yes Yoda Yeti – A to Z – 2023 – Letter Y April Gone Rogue Badge



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yes.” Find a word that starts with “yes” or use the word “yes” as is. Bonus points if you start your post with the word you choose. Enjoy!

Yes! Today’s letter is Y, and the SOCS prompt word is Yes!

Yes, I am combining the Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge and the A to Z 2023 Blog Challenge into one post.

Yes, I did some of this back in 2016.

Yes, I wrote it all stream of consciousness style.


For my letter Y, I have this rock I painted a long time ago – it is aqua blue and has the word ‘Yes’ painted on it. Next is a Halloween decoration – it is Yoda, and is green with a white shirt.



Today’s letter we will be writing about is Y.

This one was a bit hard. There are a lot of words with Y, but trying to find a interesting way to say something…not so easy.

So, this is what I came up with. A few Y words made into a silly story. 🙂

The words: yo-yo, yeti, yew, yuppie, yogurt, yoga, Yatzee.

Some songs mentioned: “Yesterday” by the Beatles, “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles, “Mellow Yellow” by Donovan, “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon.



Letter Y is for…Yancy, the Yeti

Yesterday, a Yeti, by the name of Yancy Drew,

Went aboard his Yellow Submarine, to sail the ocean blue.

He took along some yogurt, and a yo-yo just for fun,

Then docking by an island, he got out to get some sun.

Laying down his yoga mat, underneath a tree of Yew,

He did some poses for awhile, and

Man, the time it flew.

He took a nap, while feeling Mellow Yellow,

When suddenly he woke to see, another fellow.

It was a Yuppie, come to play, holding a Yatzee game.

Even though he’d never seen a person like this,

He wanted to play, just the same.

As Yeti Yancy rolled the dice,

He smiled an bragged, and wasn’t nice.

He told the Yuppie about his fortune and fame,

So much so, he was a pain.

The fellow was bored, up and left the game,

As he sang the song, You’re So Vain.


Here’s Carly Simon, singing her 1972 song, “You’re So Vain”.



Mystery Box Chickens have 1 more box to open tomorrow!


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A Couple of X-amples – A to Z – 2023 – Letter X


A Couple of X-amples – A to Z – 2023 – Letter X April Gone Rogue Badge


Letter X is for – Xerophyllum

These large green plants have spiky and sharp green stems that flare out. They are commonly known here as bear grass, or yucca, but their other name is Xerophyllum. In this photo it is in the foreground and behind that is a rose bush with red flowers.


Letter X is for… Xavier Roberts

I’ll bet you’ve heard of Xavier Roberts, even if you’re not sure where, especially if you have daughters.

Xavier Roberts is the manufacturer/owner of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls industry. Back in the late ’70s he created a soft sculpture doll, which he sold at art fairs, under the name of his business, “Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc.”. He called his dolls, ‘Little People’. It was very similar to the now well known Cabbage Patch Dolls, which got the attention of a person named Martha Nelson Thomas. They claimed Mr. Roberts had stolen their original creation, and sued him.Ultimately, the case was settled out of court. The rest is, as they say, history.

Xavier Roberts went on to manufacture the Cabbage Patch Kids, and by 1984 they had become a big hit in the doll markets, and a wide-spread fad. You may have one or more of the dolls. I know my daughters had a couple, and now my grand-daughter has one, too. One way to tell if the doll is an original, is by the authenticity signature of Xavier Roberts on the behind of every doll. 🙂

My daughters and I were talking about their dolls just the other day. I remember I won a lottery drawing from the PX (post exchange store on base) to buy one of these dolls. Actually I got to buy two, one for each of my girls. This is when everyone was stampeeding to get one of these all over the place, because they were the popular toy of the year when they came out.

Anyway, people had to submit a number to be drawn. I put in the dates of my girl’s birthdays, and my number got drawn out, so I got to buy one of the limited quantity at the store.

They sure loved their dolls, and later on got more of them. They both still have their original dolls.

Photos show the original adoption certificate, signature, and parts of the boxes the dolls came in that I saved.

IMG_2624 IMG_2625


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What, Why, & Who – A to Z – 2023 – Letter W


What, Why & Who – A to Z – 2023 – Letter W April Gone Rogue Badge


Why didn’t I ever notice this?

Take the first letters of each month, and the ones from July to November spell out the name ‘Jason’.

J – July

A – August

S – September

O – October

N – November



What is the strangest thing you ever mailed through the post office?

For me it would be an empty peanut butter jar.

My daughter’s dog loved licking the leavings from peanut butter jars, so I mailed one to Mr. Maynard Wayne. She said he loved it. Here’s a picture of him many years ago. 🙂



Who or what answers google questions? That’s what I want to know. When I ask a question, or look something up, it’s fun to get an answer really fast. But, is it a person who reads these questions people send in, or is it all just AI computer answered? It would be fun I think to read all the dumb and silly questions people ask.

I like asking ‘google’ weird questions and see what it comes up with. Sometimes I really want an answer, but sometimes think of silly things just for fun. I’ve also devised poems from some of the words. haha 🙂

What might be the silliest thing you ever asked Google search?

Mine is probably this: “Can a chigger bug live in your leg for years, and then come back to life?”

I’m pretty sure the answer is no.


Why has the background on my computer screen turned orange/brown/pink?

I wanted to really know this and what to do to get it back to normal. It did give suggestions, and one of them did work. I think it was we had to unplug everything then start over or something like that.


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Visions – A to Z – 2023 – Letter V


Visions – A to Z – 2023 – Letter V April Gone Rogue Badge


A supernatural knowledge in which the mind receives an extraordinary grasp of some revealed truth without the aid of sensible impressions and mystics describe them as intuitions that leave a deep impression.


Vision – It reaches beyond the thing that is, into the conception of what can be. Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own.
– Robert Collier




Precognition – To know…clairvoyance relating to an event or state not yet experienced. Foreknowledge – to know beforehand, esp. by paranormal means or by revelation.

I’ve always thought of myself as being a bit psychic, an empath, a sensitive, and clairvoyant at times, and people have told me I have the gift of knowing. I don’t practice any of this, as a rule, but I am very aware of the way things happen, of other people’s feelings, and dreams and visions that I have, that foretell an event. Here I will tell of two such incidents.

These were two different incidents that happened, several years apart, involving my daughter and I. The first one was when she was a little kid. She was invited to a sleep-over at her friend’s house. This friend lived close by in the neighborhood. We knew her parents, so we said it was ok. It was the first time my daughter had spent the night away from home, and she was excited about all the fun she and her friend would have.

Nothing unusual about that. However, that night I had a strange dream, about a skunk that was trying to get in our back door. It was acting all crazy. I never mentioned the dream to anyone the next morning, though.

When my daughter came home, she began telling me all about her overnight fun. At one point, though, she said she’d been scared. She thought she saw a skunk under the bed, and it was acting crazy! (it turned out later that it was only a black sock under the bed.)

The fact that we both had an encounter with a skunk in the middle of the night, at about the same time, was very interesting.


The next incident happened several years later, when my daughter was a teen. She’d stayed home alone, while her dad and I went grocery shopping, about 30 miles away. On our way home, back down the highway, the car was warm, the sun was shining in my face…so, I closed my eyes and was half asleep. Almost immediately, I “saw” clear as real, my daughter. She was sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone, to a friend. This friend lived out of town, and I knew her, but we’d not seen her in a long time.

That was the vision I got. Then, when we did get home and walked in the door, there was my daughter, sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone, just like I’d ‘seen’ it. I just said for her to say hi to ‘S’. She finished her conversation, then asked me how I knew she was talking to ‘S’. I said I’d seen it in a vision, on the way home.

We have had lots of psychic connections over the years. I love it! It is strange and awesome at the same time.

Have you had visions that came true?


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Urban Legends – A to Z – 2023 – Letter U


Urban Lengends – A to Z – 2023 – Letter U April Gone Rogue Badge


Here’s my letter U from back in 2016. 🙂



We are up to the letter U in the A to Z Blog Challenge. The next few days, we have some of the more difficult letters to write something about. Guess that’s one reason it is called a challenge. 🙂


Letter U is for…Urban Legends

An urban legend is a story you hear from someone. They say they’ve heard it from somewhere, and it’s supposed to be true. The thing is, is that no one knows who started the story/rumor, and it just gets passed on, with misunderstandings, and misinterpretations about whatever it is. One common theme, is that it happened to a ‘friend of a friend’, and so it must be true.

Urban legends have always existed, however, they were very rampant in the 60s and 70s. Here are a few that have actually been proven to be false.

  1. It was believed for awhile that the singer, Roy Orbison, was blind, because he always wore sunglasses.
  2. The popular, hit song, “Louie, Louie”, by the Kingsmen (1965), was said to contain dirty lyrics.
  3. The 1965 song, “Puff the Magic Dragon”, by Peter, Paul, and Mary, was supposed to be about marijuana use.
  4. Paul McCartney was dead, according to some lyrics in the song “Strawberry Fields Forever”, by the Beatles. People began searching for clues everywhere in their songs, and album cover art.

I really don’t see how that last one got started, because he was singing on that song. Also, as you know, he is still with us, recording and touring.

There are lots more urban legends that make the rounds. Some are funny, some are scary, some are hoaxes, and some are downright unbelievable. I’ve heard a lot over the years. What are some you’ve heard?


Here’s the Beatles, singing “Strawberry Fields Forever”



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TMI, Tags, Tattles, Tigers, Time Machine – A to Z – 2023 – Letter T


TMi, Tags, Tattles, Tigers, Time Machine – A to Z – 2023 – Letter T April Gone Rogue Badge



We’re up to letter T in the 2023 A to Z Blog Challenge. Are we having fun yet? I am! I was looking through my past posts and found this one from 2018 that was pretty fun.

It was a challenge from a fellow blogger who tagged me to do the challenge by answering the list of questions. I read them over this morning and most are still the answers I’d give today. Except I will update the answers in parentheses.

There are some letter T words in there, like the name of my blog! Yay! teleportingweena, the book, ” The Time Machine, and a tiger necklace. So you could say I was tattling on myself and telling TMI (too much information)? Naw … they’re just for fun. 🙂


Here we go …

Q: Have you ever been in love?


Q: What is your favorite drink?

Iced tea & hot coffee

Q: What is your favorite song? 

Every day it’s something different.

Q: What is your zodiac sign?


Q: What is your favorite show?

Big Brother … (Young Sheldon & Big Bang Theory)

Q: What is your favorite band?

The Eagles

Q: Something you really miss.   

All my cats and dogs that have passed on

Q: Where do you go when you are sad?

The bathroom, so I can cry as loud as I want, listen to music, then fix my makeup

Q: Have you ever been in a physical fight?  


Q: What is your favorite color?


Q: Loud music or soft?

Mostly loud, but sometimes soft

Q: Favorite actor. .

Matthew McConaughey

Q: Do you have any fears? What are they?


Q: Meaning behind your blog name.  

Our cat Weena (RIP), she could teleport herself. Also Weena from the book/movie ‘The Time Machine”, by H. G. Wells … (**see link below)

Q: Last time you said you loved someone.

Last night … (Saturday when my daughter and grand-daughter came over)

Q: Last book you read.

“I Am Number Four”, by Pittacus Lore (1st in the series) … (Funny seeing this because on Saturday I watched a movie of this book on TV. I didn’t even know there was one, but while flipping through the channels, there it was! It was good.)

Q: The book you are currently reading.

“The Power of Six”, by Pittacus Lore (2nd in the series)

(I’m now reading a book by foster carer Cathy Glass that I’ve read before called, “Another Forgotten Child”)

Q: Last sport you played.

I never play sports

Q: Last song you sang.

“Amie”, by Pure Prairie League (I heard it on the radio, and every time I hear it I have to sing along) … (I hear so many songs every day and sing along to them all – so I can’t name just one this time)

Q: Favorite food.


Q: Place you want to visit.  

North Carolina

Q: Favorite flavor of sweet.  

Chocolate everything, then cinnamon and vanilla

Q: What instruments do you play?

Violin, guitar (a little), and, I play the spoons, too!

Q: Favorite piece of jewelry.

My tiger necklace (the tiger is my spirit animal) … (It is a small wooden carved and painted tiger. There is a long black fabric braided cord and a few gold and orange beads. I got it at a yard sale years ago.)


Here’s the link to my post about the book, “The Time Machine”, and also how my blog got it’s name. 🙂


Now, if you’ve enjoyed the questions and my answers, then You are tagged! Have fun!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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Something to Read – A to Z – 2023 – Letter S


Something to Read – A to Z – 2023 – Letter S April Gone Rogue Badge


If you’re like me you’re always looking for something to read. I have so many books, an lots of them I’ve read more than once. These two start with letter S, and they are good.

I did a whole A to Z about books back in 2018, that did a short paragraph of books I’d read. I also had quotes about books.

Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate.
– J. R. R. Tolkien


“Shut Up and Eat Your Snowshoes!”, by Jack Douglas is a really fun book to read. I read it long ago, then several times after. The author, his wife and young son, and their menagerie of animals, decide to move from the city, to the wilderness backwoods of Canada. He duly wrote down, in hilarious fashion, all the adventures and misadventures they had. Being city slickers knowing nothing of how things worked out in the boonies, is his true fish out of water story.



“Serpent in Paradise”, by Dea Birkett, is the author’s journey back in time. She travels to tiny Pitcairn Island, to find out what happened to the ancestors of the mutineers who sailed with Captain William Bligh, on the ship called Bounty.

She chronicles her own voyage to the island, cut off from civilization for all these years, and talks with the villagers, while she learns how the survivors managed to live in such isolation, after that ill-fated, and famed event with the mutiny on the Bounty.

This book is easy to read, even as it tells the history of the times, but in a personal story kind of way.



Mystery Box Chickens


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Retro Rock & Rhythm – A to Z – 2023 – Letter R


Retro Rock & Rhythm – A to Z – 2023 – Letter R April Gone Rogue Badge


Here we go with a retro A to Z post from April 21, 2017. A couple of songs starting with letter R.






The Mystery Box Chickens and I wish you a happy Friday and weekend! Rock On!


“Rock Me Gently”, by Andy Kim, was released as a single from the album, “Andy Kim”, in 1974. It was on the Capitol Records label, and written by Andy Kim.




“Rhythm of Love”, by the Plain White Ts, was released as a single from the album, “Wonders of the Younger”, in 2010. It is on the Hollywood label, and written by Tim Lopez.





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Quirky Quantity – A to Z – 2023 – Letter Q


A to Z – 2023 – Letter Q April Gone Rogue Badge


Quick! A quantity of Qs

Pick a Q post to read, or read them all! These are 3 A2Z past posts on letter Q. Maybe you remember them from before, or maybe these are new to you. I could have put 10, actually 11 since this is my 10th year to do the challenge (the first year I did a different post on both my blogs for each letter).

Anyway, this is my Q post for today. 🙂


20 Q (the game)

Based on a parlor game called Twenty Questions, Robin Burgener, in 1988, invented a hand held electronic game he called 20Q. He was experimenting with using AI – Artificial Intellegence.

When you turn this game on, it will ask you to think of something for it to guess. It has a display screen that you can read it’s questions, and buttons you can push, to log in your answer, either yes, no, sometimes, or unknown.

This ‘toy’ will ask you a series of 20 simple questions. As you keep answering the questions posed, the device will build on them, to ultimately guess what you were thinking about.

In between the questions, it will make funny comments to you. On the package it comes in it states that it can read your mind. One of the comments it makes, is that it is spooky how it knows what you are thinking.

It is not programmed. It somehow ‘learns’ from every answer you give, and every time turns out different. Most of the time it guesses right!

I have two of these 20Q games, and have been amazed at how it can even do this. It occasionally does miss the answer, and will make a funny comment about how you can’t win them all.

I think it is a bit weird to be holding a sort of ‘mini brain’ right there in my hand. Like it says…it’s spooky!




Quietness is an essential part of all awareness. In quiet times and sleepy times, a child can dwell in thoughts of his own, and in songs and stories of his own. — Margaret Wise Brown

Coloring page shows a bird called a Quail. It is gray, tan, and black, with a black top knot on his head.

I couldn’t find one in my coloring books, so I looked for a picture on line to trace. Then I colored it in. I added blue zig-zags and blue bubbles for the background.


Mystery Box Chickens say, “Chickens are Quite Quirky”


Quirky Definition = Quokka – The sound a trained parrot makes.

Sentence = I taught my pet parrot to talk. He can say, “Polly wants a quokka,” all the time.

Real Definition = A Quokka is a small marsupial animal found in Australia.


Quirky Definition = qualmish – A breakfast cereal, served hot.

Sentence = Every morning, Timmy added raisins, brown sugar, and cream, to his bowl of qualmish.

Real Definition = Feeling qualms; nauseated; overly scrupulous; squeamish; of, relating to, or producing qualms.


Quirky Definition = quidnunc – The name of the most famous sled dog in history.

Sentence = As winner of many sled dog races, Quidnunc was in high demand for stud service.

Real Definition = One who seeks to know all the latest news or gossip; a busybody.

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