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Two Souls: Into the Fire # 140


Two Souls: Into the Fire # 140

Warning…adult content



# 140

warning…adult content


As Steve and Ghost reached the back of the big cemetery, they looked over the grounds, that spread over a few acres. “How ya gonna do it this time,” Steve asked. “This one is huge.”

“Guess I could just stand here at my grandmother’s grave, and holler real loud,” Ghost said.

“Okay, and you can get loud,” Steve laughed. “I think it’ll work.”

So, they repeated the meeting words, and sang their song again. Then, Ghost wished his grandmother a happy All Soul’s Day, and said he’d talk to her later. “I feel her with me, Steve. She’s sending love and calmness to me, and she says to you, too. Can you feel it?”

“I think I can, Ghost,” Steve smiled. He did feel a calm, peaceful feeling surrounding him.

They went back home, to await the night, and the séance.


By late afternoon, Kinsey hadn’t heard from anyone, so he started making phone calls. Terry was up first.

“Hey, Kinsey,” Terry said, answering his phone. “Can you hang on a second, I’m with a customer.”

Finished ringing up the customer’s purchase, he got back to Kinsey. “What’s up?”

“Just wondering if you’d heard from Steve, or any of the guys today.”

“Nope, just been busy here at the shop. Had a pretty good run of business, today. You heard anything?”

“No, and I thought we were supposed to meet out at Trevor’s house, sometime or other, tonight,” Kinsey said.

“Oh, yeah…that’s tonight, huh?” Terry said. “Well, are you gonna call them and see what time? Then, you can let me know, too. I can close up anytime.”

“Yeah, I’m going to call Steve, now. Do you want to ride out there with me, later?” Kinsey asked.

“Sure, that’d be fine, Kinsey…talk to ya later.”

Kinsey dialed up Steve’s phone, next. It rang quite a few times before Steve answered.

“Steve, where y’all been? Aren’t we all supposed to meet out at Trevor’s tonight?”

“Yeah, that’s the plan,” Steve said.

“Well, what time? Terry and I will be coming in together, but we need to know when.”

“Uh, just a minute, I’ll ask Ghost,” Steve said, setting the phone down.

Kinsey could faintly hear them talking, and wondered how Ghost could possibly know what time they’d go over there. Then Steve was back.

“Ghost is almost ready…maybe give it about an hour? We’ll meet y’all there.”

“Everything, okay?” Kinsey asked.

“Yeah, sure, we’re fine…had a great day, and we’re ready as we’ll ever be, I guess,” Steve laughed.

“We’ll see ya there then,” Kinsey said. He was confused. Those two in a good mood, when what they had planned was scary as hell? He shrugged. “Guess I’ll call Zach, then.”

He did, and asked Zach, “Where were y’all last night? I thought y’all would be back here.”

“Oh, well, our room was messed up, so we stayed in the motel out on the highway,” Zach explained.

“Are you and Trevor ready for things tonight? I talked to Steve, and they plan on being at your place in about an hour. Terry and I will be there too. How does that sound ?” Kinsey asked.

“Sure, guess we’ll see ya then, Kinsey…we’re ready to go do this,” Zach said, then laughed at something Trevor said in the background.

“Are y’all okay over there?” Kinsey asked. He was still puzzled.

“Yeah, no problems here,” Zach said.

“Fine…see y’all in a few,” Kinsey said, and hung up. Am I the only one concerned about this séance thing? They all are acting strange, happy-go-lucky strange. Maybe they all smoked weed, and forgot to invite me. It’s too weird how they’re acting, after the past few days. This better not be a hoax at my expense…

He grabbed a bottle of his private stash of whiskey, from upstairs, and downed a couple of shots. I need to catch up with the good mood…

He heard banging on the back door. When he opened it, Terry came in saying, “Hey, thought you were gonna call me back.”

“Oh, sorry…I forgot. I did talk to the guys, and they’re all meeting out there in an hour…well, less, now. They were acting strange. Guess that’s what threw me off about calling you back.”

“Why strange?” Terry asked, as he got himself a bottle of beer from the cooler.

“Well, you tell me…you’re acting funny, too…why?” Kinsey asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“Everyone’s in a really happy mood…like we’re going to a party, or something. Nobody’s worried, or scared anymore? I figured y’all smoked shit, and didn’t ask me,” Kinsey laughed.

Terry tipped back his beer, “Ahh, I needed this after the day I’ve had,” he said. “Well, Kinsey, first you worry ’cause everyone’s scared…now, it’s ’cause everyone’s happy?” he shrugged. “I don’t know about the others, but I didn’t smoke anything, yet. I just had a good day at work. I didn’t even remember about tonight, until you called. You say they were all laughing and feeling good?”

“Yeah, and I’m beginning to think this is all a big trick on me, and maybe you, too…I don’t know anymore what’s going on, but I’m gonna find out, soon as we get over there,” Kinsey said, downing another shot of whiskey.

“I’m up for it, any way it goes down…let’s go,” Terry said, heading for the door.


Trevor and Zach got to the house first, and just sat in the car, waiting for the others. The sun was going down behind the trees, but it was still light out. “You ready for this, Trev?” Zach asked.

“Yep, it’s time. It’s been too long, and I’m feeling confident this séance, and Ghost can put an end to it.”

Zach nodded, “Oh, Steve said you should have a safe word…in case it gets to be too much…and we’ll quit.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking what it should be,” Trevor said. “At first, I thought maybe Birdland, but that’s too close to what this is all about.”

“Yeah, it is. Well, you could go with a food…Ghost’s is pancakes…” Zach giggled.

“That’s funny. I don’t know…” Trevor thought some more. “Maybe Jamaica? I loved it there…good memories.”

“Yeah, that’s good…and I’ll tell the others. If you say Jamaica, then we’ll know to stop.”

Just then, Kinsey and Terry pulled into the driveway. “Hey, guys,” Terry said, getting out of the car. “Y’all ready for this?”

“Sure, soon as Ghost and Steve get here,” Zach said.

They were all leaning up against their cars, catching up with each other’s day. No one mentioned what was about to take place.


Ghost and Steve were slow about getting out the door to go over to the house.

“Ghost, ya ready? They’re probably out there, already…waiting on us,” Steve said.

“In a minute. I have to make sure I got everything,” Ghost said.

“Dude, you already checked a bunch of times. I checked it…it’s all there. C’mon, already,” Steve said, getting impatient.

“I know, but I have to do this. It don’t feel right, yet,” Ghost said.

Steve rolled his eyes, “Don’t tell me ya got OCD now, too.”

“What’s that?”

“Never mind…just hurry up.” Steve figured Ghost was just stalling, afraid to actually do the séance, but he wasn’t about to say anything. “I’m gonna be out on the porch, Ghost,” he hollered.

Ghost checked the items, again, and zipped up his backpack. For good measure, he went into the back room, and got a special potion he’d salvaged from the stock of his grandmother’s. It was a small vial of liquid, that she’d labeled ‘courage’. He drank it down in one gulp, made a face, and headed for the door.

Then, it hit him…he started to sweat. Beads of it ran down his face. He wiped his arm over his forehead. I’m so hot…what was in that potion?

He stumbled out the front door, and Steve gasped, “What the hell, Ghost?”


Next part coming soon!


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This is a work of “fan fiction” based on the novel, “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z. Brite. All credit for the original characters, places, and some backstory mentions, belong to Ms. Brite and her publishing affiliates. Only newly introduced characters, places, and original elements of this story are entirely from my imagination. Character descriptions are a blend of the original book descriptions and my interpretation of them.

All songs included in this work will be solely owned by the original performers/writers and will be credited. Creative license is taken in including them in this story.

No harm is intended toward author, musicians, or people and situations to whom there may be a resemblance.

warning      warning      warning      warning

The content herein is rated by me as being at the high end of MA (Mature Audience). It includes strong language, violence, sexual themes, including same sex pairingsreligious themes, and fantasy horror.

Quirky Definitions – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter Q


Quirky Definitions – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter Q


Mystery Box Chickens say, “Chickens are Quite Quirky”


Quirky Definition = Quokka – The sound a trained parrot makes.

Sentence = I taught my pet parrot to talk. He can say, “Polly wants a quokka,” all the time.

Real Definition = A Quokka is a small marsupial animal found in Australia.


Quirky Definition = qualmish – A breakfast cereal, served hot.

Sentence = Every morning, Timmy added raisins, brown sugar, and cream, to his bowl of qualmish.

Real Definition = Feeling qualms; nauseated; overly scrupulous; squeamish; of, relating to, or producing qualms.


Quirky Definition = quidnunc – The name of the most famous sled dog in history.

Sentence = As winner of many sled dog races, Quidnunc was in high demand for stud service.

Real Definition = One who seeks to know all the latest news or gossip; a busybody.


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Flower of the Day – Fun Flower Friday


Flower of the Day – Fun Flower Friday


I saw these metal flower garden or lawn decorations at the store the other day. They are really cute, but very expensive! 🙂



For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

FOTD – April 19, 2019 – Rhododendron


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Five Reasons Why Your Restaurant is Dead To Me Now


Five Reasons Why Your Restaurant is Dead to Me Now


This is a large paper I stuck up on one of our kitchen doors. It has listed all the restaurants I could think of at the time that we go to occasionally. For awhile I was making a mark by them, so we could see how many times we visited that particular place. I haven’t updated the list in a long time, and some of these are not in business any more. Others, I forgot to put on the list at all.  You can click the photo to see it better.

Some of the restaurants have been exed XX out, and here’s why…

You know, we go out to eat quite a lot around here, and most always enjoy it. Sometimes it’s just fast food, sometimes a more fancy place. We get take-out a lot of times, but mostly we’ll go inside a restaurant to sit down and eat. We’re pretty regular customers at several places here in town, but sometimes something happens that makes us cross them off our list. We won’t ever go back to these.

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about eating establishments that turn me off of them:

  • Cockroaches = If when using the restaurant’s bathroom, you shouldn’t have to lift your legs to prevent a whole army of cockroaches from crawling up while you’re sitting there. If the restroom is this bad, heaven only knows what’s going on in the kitchen area where the food is prepared.


  • Illness = If one of your employees is sick with something, and they are coughing, sneezing, and wiping their noses while taking your order, or serving your food, you should send them home until they are well. To have them continue to work, all the while complaining of how bad they feel, and how sick they are out loud to everyone, should be an indication you will lose customers. Besides, they will infect other employees and customers, too.


  • Lax cleaning = When the tables and condiment bottles on the table (salt, pepper, hot sauce, etc) are sticky from being used so often, you should clean them off with a sanitary wipe after each customer leaves the table. This goes for wiping down the tables, too. Don’t use a filthy rag, get a fresh one each time. Your dirty wash water and rag only spreads germs around. We see you do this … ugh!


  • Check the salad bar often = When there are flies in the restaurant, you can be sure they will land on the salad fixings. I saw one stuck in the pudding one time!


  • Check the register tape for accurate addition of charges of a meal. Don’t charge us $315.00 for a ham sandwich, and we have to point it out to you.

I’m sure there are more reasons that I can’t remember now, but hope this hasn’t grossed you out too much!


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Poison Potatoes? – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter P


Poison Potatoes? – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter P #AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter P


Mystery Box Chickens say, “We like French fries!”


I always check my potatoes for green poison!


Are your potatoes poison? They could be. The potato is in the family of the deadly nightshade plant. All  green parts of the potato is highly toxic, including leaves, stems, sprouts (eyes), and even any green parts on the peeled potato.

If eaten, it will cause, at the very least, an upset stomach…and at the worst…death!

In the past, this alkeloid toxin was used as a remedy for ailments such as, pain relief, an anti-inflamatory, and to ease the symptoms of rheumatism. I would hope these were not administered orally! If they were, I wonder if the doctor wondered why his patients were not getting any better, or even died!

Cooking the potatoes will remove and destroy most of the alkaloid concentrations, so they are mostly safe to eat. Try not to use any potato that shows even a hint of green to the white part, just to be safe. Exposure to light will also cause a potato to turn green, so store in a dark place.

There are many varieties of the potato, and are a staple food source all over the world. I’m not going to stop eating them, but I am careful to cut away any green I see on them.

For a look at this information on the potato, and 9 other common foods that are a bit poisonous, follow this link.

“Poison”, by Alice Cooper, was released from his album, “Trash”, in 1989. It was written by Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, and John McCurry, and is on the Epic label.
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Two Souls: Into the Fire # 139


Two Souls: Into the Fire # 139

Warning…adult content



# 139

warning…adult content


Steve got back in his car, as Trevor and Zach waved good-bye.

“It was in there, wasn’t it?” Ghost asked.

“Yeah, I think so, but it didn’t do much. It just made the vines grow some more. It did feel creepy, though,” Steve said. “Oh, and guess what? The lamp was on, but it wasn’t plugged in. Did anything happen out here in the yard?”

Ghost shrugged, “I don’t know, I had my eyes closed, and I didn’t let anything in my head.”

“So, you weren’t listening in?”

“No, why…what did you say?”

“Oh, just that we’ll be here tomorrow night; and, here’s something you might be interested in. I’d never heard of it, anyway. It’s called All Soul’s Day.”

“What’s that? Is it like us…Lost Souls?”

“Nope, it a celebration…a kind of party, where people pay respect to their dead relatives. Anyway, the Day of the Dead day,  it’s tomorrow,” Steve said.

“Why just that one day, Steve? The souls are here all the time, just waiting to be acknowledged. They come and go, however they want to. This Day of the Dead thing sounds nice, to me,” he smiled. He saw the look on Steve’s face. “Oh, guess y’all were scared, huh?”

“Yeah, we were. At least me and Trevor were. Zach’s seen it all down in New Orleans, so he was telling us about it,” Steve said. He sighed, “I really don’t want to see ghosts, Ghost.”

Ghost laughed, “You won’t, unless you’re like me…I’ll see them just fine.”

“And the demon ones…what about that…you want to see those?”

“No, but I know I will. That’s why we’re doing this. So I can see what’s possessing the house and tell it to go away. And, y’all are my back-up tough guys, so none of y’all better freak out.”

“Oh, I plan on freaking out plenty,” Steve said, “but, I’ll stay on guard, like you say. I just want to keep you from freaking out. I mean it, Ghost…if it gets too much, promise me you’ll stop?”

“Yeah, okay,” Ghost said.

“Really, I think we should have a code word, too,” Steve said. “You know, if you say the word, then we’ll know it’s trying to take you away, or something…or you want to call it off, and need our help.”

“Hey, yeah…that’s sounds good, Steve. What can be our safe word?”

“I think it should be something easy, and something you probably wouldn’t say at a séance.”

“Okay, let me think…I know, how about pancakes?”

Steve laughed, “That’s easy enough.”

“Yeah, and I don’t think I’d be saying it to the evil spirit, like asking it to stay for supper.”

“Pancakes is the safe word, then. We’ll tell the guys, tomorrow.”

“Good…and Steve, it might be making me say crazy stuff, but if I can break through and say the word, y’all will know to rescue me, and kick butt on the demon, ok?”

“Sure, we will, but…how are we supposed to fight it off, if we can’t even see it?” Steve asked.

“Y’all just fight like you’d do in a real fight. Do anything you have to do, like kick, and punch, and holler, and…I don’t know…say some Bible stuff at it, and do some karate chops, too,” Ghost said. “Oh, and if it has ahold of me, I’ll probably say a bunch of mean stuff to you, and to them. It won’t be me saying it, just that it’s talking through me. So, if I can, I’ll say the word, and y’all drag me out, fast…even if I say not to, ok? Promise?” he sighed.

“Yeah, I promise, Ghost. I’ll be so glad when it’s over and done with.”

“Me, too.”


They were back home now. Spirit was sleeping on the couch, but when he got up to greet them, he yowled and hissed, as he rubbed against Steve’s leg. He swatted at Steve’s boot.

“What the hell is wrong with your cat?” Steve asked, shoving the cat away from him.

“He can smell the evil clinging to you, from being in that house,” Ghost said.

“Oh, well…sorry, cat…I’ll go wash it off, then,” Steve said, going into the bathroom to take a shower. “I do feel dirty, now.”

They spent the rest of the night trying to relax. As morning dawned, Ghost woke, made coffee, and went out front to greet the day, as usual. He was subdued, thinking of what would happen that night, but trying not to. Steve came out and joined him on the old porch swing.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, just sitting here,” Ghost said. He held his cup up to his face, with both hands, breathing in the steam. He sighed. “I’m going to the graveyards today, Steve…I need to.”

“You want me to come with you?” Steve asked.

“If you want to, but you don’t have to. I’m gonna re-paint my warding off sign on the porch, too. It’s faded again,” he said, looking down at it. He sighed again, closing his eyes.

Steve noticed how tired Ghost looked, and the dark circles under his eyes. He hadn’t been eating right, and his sleep had been interrupted by nightmares the past few nights.

“Ghost, try not to worry about tonight. You look exhausted, and that makes me worry about you.”

“I can’t help it, Steve. I don’t have any energy anymore. Maybe I’m getting sick, or something,” he sighed, and yawned, “and, I’m so sleepy.”

“Come here, Ghost,” Steve said, as he pulled him down to rest on his lap. “You can sleep out here with me, if you want. It’s peaceful and I’ll rock you to sleep on this swing.”

Ghost smiled, and gulped the rest of his coffee. He closed his eyes, and was instantly asleep. Steve stroked Ghost’s hair, closed his own eyes, and dozed off, too. The breeze made a soft shushing sound through the pine trees, and the wind chime tinkled. Spirit curled up beside them.


After a couple of hours, Ghost woke feeling better. Steve woke, too. It was getting hot outside, again.

“How ya feeling?” Steve asked.

“Better, but I’m hungry, let’s go in.”

As they headed inside to the kitchen, Steve noticed the time. They’d slept longer than the couple hours he’d thought. “It’s almost lunch time, Ghost. We missed breakfast.”

“Oh, well, guess we can just have a sandwich, then,” Ghost said, getting out lunch meat and bread.

They felt revived after eating, so Ghost then got out his paints, to freshen up the star. Steve took his guitar out with him, and played some songs, while he watched Ghost. When he was finished, he said, “I’m going on down to the graveyards, first the little one, then the big one. You coming?”

“Sure, nothing else to do,” Steve said. “What ‘cha gonna do?” he asked, as they walked the well worn path behind their house.

“I don’t know, guess I’ll just say hi, and wish everyone a peaceful All Soul’s Day,” Ghost said.

“Like what…call a meeting?” Steve smiled at that.

“Hey, yeah, that would work,” Ghost laughed. “I mean, you did say it was a happy time, this celebration, didn’t ya?”

“That what I heard,” Steve shrugged.

“Well, go back and get your guitar…we’ll sing ’em a song.”

“You’re serious about this, for real?”

“Yeah, go on, Steve.”

“Okay,” he said, as he went back up to the house. This is very strange, but if it makes Ghost laugh, then it’ll be worth the trouble

When he got back, Ghost was sitting on one of the markers, swinging his legs, and already humming a song. “Ok, what song do you want for this meeting?” Steve asked.

“Let’s do *”Peaceful Easy Feeling”,” Ghost suggested.

“Sure, that’s a good one. Are you gonna talk first?” Steve asked.

“Yeah,” Ghost said, and stood up on top of the marker, barely  balancing himself.

“Oh, hey, I got your camera, too,” Steve said. “I’ll take your picture.”

“Cool, do one now, and then some when I’m talking, too,” Ghost said, smiling down at Steve.

Steve was shaking his head and grinning, “You’re such a ham, dude.” He laughed at the crazy pose Ghost was in.

“Yeah, I know,” Ghost laughed. He turned to face all the tombstones.

“Hey, everybody, this is Ghost. I know I come out here and talk to y’all all the time, but I found out this here is a special day. So, All Soul’s Day means to pay respect to all souls…even us, me and Steve, ’cause we’re Lost Souls?…and I didn’t bring any food out here, but me and Steve will sing ya a song.” Ghost nodded to Steve, who’d been taking pictures.

Steve grabbed his guitar, and they began singing. They played it loud, and not at all peaceful, but were in a great mood, when they were finished.

“That was so much fun, Steve,” Ghost said, as he jumped down from the tombstone.

“You know what? I was a little down before we came out here, but this was really a good idea,” Steve said. “I feel happy,”

“Yeah, me too,” Ghost said, then hollered to all the souls in the graveyard, “Bye y’all, see ya later.”

“Ready to go to the big cemetery, now?” Steve asked.

“Yep, let’s do it,” Ghost said. They walked the back pathway, to the main cemetery in town, kicking at the autumn leaves, and joking around all the way.


*Peaceful Easy Feeling, by the Eagles, released December 1, 1972, on the album “Eagles”; label, Asylum, recorded at Olympic Sound Studios – London, written by – Jack Tempchin.


Next part coming soon!


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This is a work of “fan fiction” based on the novel, “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z. Brite. All credit for the original characters, places, and some backstory mentions, belong to Ms. Brite and her publishing affiliates. Only newly introduced characters, places, and original elements of this story are entirely from my imagination. Character descriptions are a blend of the original book descriptions and my interpretation of them.

All songs included in this work will be solely owned by the original performers/writers and will be credited. Creative license is taken in including them in this story.

No harm is intended toward author, musicians, or people and situations to whom there may be a resemblance.

warning      warning      warning      warning

The content herein is rated by me as being at the high end of MA (Mature Audience). It includes strong language, violence, sexual themes, including same sex pairingsreligious themes, and fantasy horror.

Dear Diary – March 23 – April 1, 1961


Dear Diary – March 23 – April 1, 1961




For those who haven’t seen my Dear Diary posts before, a little explanation. This is my actual diary I wrote in for a full year, when I was 10 years old. I wrote every day, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, sometimes funny, sometimes boring, but it was all recorded. Names of relatives are only first initials with relationship in parentheses. I’ve typed the entries just as I wrote them, misspellings and all, but corrected in parentheses. More posts of Dear Diary can be found by using categories, or search box. Hope you enjoy reading my childhood diary! 🙂


Dear Diary,

3/23/61 – I went to school. We made clay. When I came home V (cousin) was over. We went to the dime store. When I got home I mad (e) some clay. Then I played. Then I watched tv. Then I went to bed.

3/24/61 – I went to school. Some mothers came to visit. When I went home I played. Then I painted. Then I watched tv. then I went to bed.

3/25/61 – I did not go to school. We was going to the library. J (cousin) came over. She went to thelibrary with us. When I got home J came over. We went to her house. It was V’s (cousin) birthday. She got two dollars, dresses, whistle, umbrella, sun glasses, make up, lepard (leopard). Then we went home and went to bed.

3/26/61 – I did not go to school. I played outside. Granny came over. She stayed to eat dinner. When we took her home we looked in her garage. I found books. I got some funny books, and what-nots. When we came home we got a bunch of books. When I got home I watched tv. Then I went to bed.

3/27/61 – I went to school. I painted a tree. I got paint all over my dress. I had a headack (headache). When I got home I went over to grand mas house. She came over and I went with her. I played all day. When I came home I got my lessons. Then I watched tv. Then I went to bed.

3/28/61 – I went to school. I painted a picture. When I got home I played. Then I got my byc bicycle tire pumped up. Then I rode it. A cold front came. I went in the house. I played. Then I went to bed.

3/29/61 – I went to school. I made a picture of a chicken. When I went home I played. Grand ma came over. She gave me a package. It was clothes. Ther (e) were sweaters, skirts, blouses, dresses, shorts, and a bathing suit. I put them on. Then I played. Then I went to bed.

3/30/61 – I went to school. I played. After lunch a little while we had ice-cream. When I wnt home I played. Then I read. I went in the bed with mother. Then I went to bed. It was the last day of school. It is Easter holidays.

3/31/61 – I did not go to school. I played. Then I went over to J’s (cousin) house. They were molding. They were molding horses, lambs, fish, fruit, and roosters. When I went home I played. Then I watched tv. Then I went to bed.

4/1/61 – I was April fools day. I did not go to school. I played all day. B (aunt) came over. N (aunt) and V (cousin) did to. P (sister) and I colored Easter Eggs. When they went home we played. Then I went over to N’s (aunt). When I went home I went to bed.


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Odd-ball Definitions – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter O


Odd-ball Definitions – A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 – Letter O


Mystery Box Chickens say, “I’m not odd – I’m just like you!”


Odd-ball Definition = omicron – A camera used in the film industry, combining the special effects of Omni-max and specific shadings of chrome.

Sentence = Jason graduated film school with a MDOT degree …Master’s Degree in Omicron Technology.

Real Definition = The fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.


Odd-ball Definition = oolite – A workable, toy flashlight, that projects images onto a ceiling.

Sentence = The trademarked name ‘oolite’ was coined by children who tested the prototype. They all exclaimed “oolite” when the on button was pushed.

Real Definition = A rock consisting of small round grains, usually of calcium carbonate cemented together.


Odd-ball Definition = oneiric – A lesser amount and lower quality than that of generic.

Sentence = To save even more money, Beverly only purchased oneiric groceries.

Real Definition = Of or relating to dreams; dreamy.


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