One Word Sunday – Vintage


One Word Sunday – Vintage



My dad’s Boy Scout Handbook (he’d signed it with the date inside 1937)



This is a vintage enamel ware pitcher, washbowl, and soap dish.

A friend of ours found it in an abandoned house many years ago, and gave it to me.

It is marked on the bottom with 215. D, but I don’t know what that means, even though I tried to find out.

I still use these quite often. It is pretty distressed, chipped, and rusted out a bit (the pitcher has a hole in it). I’ve used the pitcher to scoop up birdseed, and the wash basin I’ve used as a planter, and also a fairy garden at one time.

I love using old things like this, and am always on the look out for small antique/vintage pieces at yard sales.


Cream colored pitcher, wash bowl, & soap dish, embellished with yellow & pink flowers, with some black and green designs, too

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    • Thanks so much, Janet! I do have a lot of things left by my parents and grandparents. They are all special items to me, and I hate the thought of getting rid of them, but no one else wants them. 🙂


      • MY parents both passed away last year and they had LOTS of things, nice things, but still too many for us, who of course already have plenty of our own things. So I completely understand that!!

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