Share Your World


Share Your World


1. What kind of vacations did you have as a child? … We went a few places, but not every summer, and mostly to visit family.

  • Aunt, Uncle, & Cousins = Oklahoma City Oklahoma
  • Aunt, Uncle, & Cousins = Roswell, New Mexico
  • Aunt, Uncle, & Cousins = Boise, Idaho
  • Aunt, Uncle, & Cousins = Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Carlsbad Caverns, NM
  • Red River & Taos, NM
  • San Antonio & Austin, Texas

2. Have any of those remained favourites now that you’re an adult? … I did go back to a few of these at one time or another when I was grown. I still like them fine.

3. What has been your best vacation ever? … I wouldn’t call them vacations, but the best was when we actually lived in Germany, and Japan.

4. Do you prefer resorts where there are no kids allowed? … I don’t remember going to any resort ever.


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