Fibbing Friday


Fibbing Friday

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

To join in this weekly challenge, and see other entries, just click the above link:


The following are all birds, but if you didn’t know that, what would you say these words meant?

1. COOT = a shortened form for the words ‘coal shoot’

2. DUNLIN = a donut shop in Ireland – a cousin of Dunkin’ Donuts

3. HOBBY = a child’s toy horse

4. KNOT = a celebrity, but not a well known one

5. RUFF = Dennis the Menace’s big fluffy dog

6. SCAUP = what submariners look above the waves with

7. SERIN = one of the first female MTV video jockeys

8. SMEW = a tiny kittens words

9. SNIPE = another fake fish like a grunion

10. TWITE = a thin rope like string to tie packages with




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