Imagine – Love Is In Da Blog 2023 – Day 3 – For Ukraine


Imagine – Love Is In Da Blog 2023 – Day 3 – For Ukraine Love Is In Da Blog 2023 banner


For Day # 3 – prompt:

A Love Song For Ukraine and all other countries troubled by violence


Karolina Pretsenko was born in the Ukraine, but now lives in the US. She is an accomplished violinist, and at present is 13 years old. She performs out in the streets and also has youTube channels.

I’ve listened to lots of her performances, mostly popular songs we all know.

Here she is with a friend from Sweden, as they play for the people of Ukraine. She makes a statement before the song.

A Wiki article biography of Karolina Pretsenko:


Here she is out on the street with her friend, she on her violin, he on guitar, as they play and sing for the people of Ukraine and all people and countries who are in need of compassion in the world.


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