This Is Your Life


This Is Your Life


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The two mad scientists are mesmerized and frightened when … they turned on the television and saw themselves and their friends.

To celebrate a scientific article they co-wrote and published, they were holding a small party in their apartment. When someone turned on the television to watch an old episode of Star Trek, they were instead tuned into a brand new sit-com series. It was called, “The Big Bang Theory”, and somehow they and their friends were the actors.

Except they weren’t acting. They were living their normal, though wacky, lives. All their interactions, had been secretly videotaped for many months. They didn’t know who’d done it, or where the camera was, but they all were fascinated and couldn’t  stop watching.

The big bang question was … would they continue to be filmed, or try to find out how and why someone did this?


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