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Share Your World


  1.  Do you find it relatively easy to fall asleep at night?

I can fall asleep very fast, anywhere any time and I have no problem at night.

  1.  Do you remember your dreams?

Yes, most of the time, at least for a short time. I’ll write them down. I have lots of dream journals.

  1.  If you can’t sleep, do you watch TV, read or listen to music in the hope you will nod off?

There’s hardly ever a time I can’t fall asleep, but if it does happen I won’t read or watch TV. I just get comfortable again and I’m back asleep. I do have the sound machine set on ocean waves going every night, though. Or I’ll try to think of song lyrics to songs, and I’m usually asleep before I get to the end of one.

  1.  Can you literally sleep anywhere (chair, sofa, bus, train, flight etc)?

Yes, I can be asleep in a matter of minutes anywhere any time. I’m almost asleep right now. If I close my eyes for a little bit, I’ll be asleep anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or two.


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    • Thanks, Paula! I never seemed to need much sleep for some reason. We’re up in the morning at 4 a m. I was like that when I was a kid, too. Maybe that’s why I can get to sleep fast, from getting up too early. 🙂

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      • I seem to sleep my deepest between 6am and 8am which I did on the boat with Maggie beside me. Maya is awake between 5.30 and 6 but sometimes lets me go back to sleep, but I am usually up around 7.30 to 8am now.


      • I always thought it was lots easier to sleep with our dog or dogs and cats up on the bed. Some people wouldn’t do that, let them up, but we always did. My sleeping changed when the mister retired. I used to stay up till after midnight, and sleep until between 9 & 10 in the morning. Funny what we get used to. 🙂


  1. A dream journal was something I always wish I had kept! But I can’t imagine I’d really want to find a notebook and write stuff down when at the time I just want to roll back over and go to sleep…


    • Thanks, Bill! I used to remember dreams better years ago, so could write down in detail the whole thing the next morning. Now, I can remember just bits of them. When we had dogs they’d need out in the middle of the night (and take forever) so I’d write until they were ready to come back in. It is so funny to go back and read some of the dreams I wrote down. haha 🙂


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