Throwback Thursday – Back to School


Throwback Thursday – Back to School


Thanks for the prompt questions, Maggie!


1. What do you remember as the most interesting required reading assignment you had? What class was it for?

All I remember having to read something for class was in English. We had certain books we read and discussed. I remember ‘Lord of the Flies’, and ‘Green Mansions’. I liked both, and even now I own both and read them again sometimes.

2. Were you required to write a book report or were you required to give an oral presentation? What do you remember about it?

I’m pretty sure we had to write book reports, though I can’t remember doing it. I don’t recall ever having to get up and talk about the book.

3. What did you consider the worst book or article you were required to read? What made it the worst?

Can’t think of anything that would be the worst. I liked most everything we had to read. What I did not like was when the teacher told us to ‘analyze’ the book. You know, find the ‘real’ message, or what the author ‘really’ meant. Huh?? That took all the fun out of reading a book. Maybe the author just wrote the book for a fun to read novel. Why must there be a hidden meaning? I hated that part.

4. Were you ever required to debate other classmates? If so, what class was it for? Do you remember any of the subjects and your ‘side’ of the debate?

No, I didn’t do debate class in school, or any debating of any subject.

5. Were you ever required to do a science project or enter school science fair? What was your project? Did you do it alone or did your parents help you? If you were graded, how did you do?

No, as far as I remember we didn’t do science projects or fairs. I remember my girls had to do that when they were in school.

6. Did you have a Home Economics class or a Wood/Metal Shop class? What types of things did you make?

Yes, I did have Home Ec classes. They were lots of fun, and we learned all kinds of things, mostly cooking and sewing. I don’t remember specific items, but we did cook during class, and also used the sewing machine during class.

7. Did you frequent the library? Was it for class work or for pleasure? What book that you read for pleasure had the most impact on you?

Yes, the library/libraries were kind of my home away from home. Loved them all, in every school I went to. I actually worked in the school libraries, checking out books, shelving books, putting on book covers, classifying books, etc. I held office in the Library Club, too.

8. What was your most creative class? Band? Chorus? Art? Drama? Writing? What standout creative project do you remember most?

I guess I’d say playing violin in the school orchestra. I did this from 6th grade through 12th grade. I participated in contests, and we put on concerts from time to time. I even took private lessons for awhile. I loved writing all the time for English class, or any time I could write an essay or something, but there wasn’t a formal class of it.

9. Were you Required to write a term paper or an end of year report in any of your classes? Did you remember what you wrote about?

No, I don’t think we had to write anything like this, but I do remember writing for an essay, or grade a paper on Edgar Allen Poe. It was so interesting to research is life and times, and produce a paper about him.

10. Bonus Question: Did your teachers ever offer extra credit assignments ? Did you do them to help improve your grade?

No, I don’t remember any class that did this.



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  1. There were a few books I liked in school (Huck Finn, The Hobbit, The Manchurian Candidate), but reading was never really my thing, especially if the author was more about just barfing out words than they were actually telling a story. We read two Melville books (neither was Moby Dick!), and I hated them both because I got so bored with them I couldn’t follow what was going on!


    • Thanks, Bill! Interesting selection of books you had to read. I could only remember the two I mentioned, but there probably more. I’ve never read any Melville, but they don’t sound like anything I’d like. 🙂


  2. re #3: I remember a rather interesting discussion about “The Great Gatsby” and why he wore a pink suit. When they got to me, I said “because his purple one is at the cleaners.”

    Did you ever see the episode of “Two And A Half Men” where Jake has to read “Lord of the Flies” over the weekend and write a book report on it?


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