Fibbing Friday


Fibbing Friday


1. Why do we say it’s raining cats and dogs?

Maybe because they make a big show of barking and hissing at each other. Same as thunder & lightning.

2. What is meant by ‘The elephant in the room?’

I think it means to keep your front door closed so a wayward elephant doesn’t come in the house.

3. What is downsizing?

This is taken two ways – one is dieting and losing weight, the other is getting rid of all your favorite things – so sad.

4. What is a Panto Dame?

Panto Dame? Huh? An old biddy lady who complains a lot.

5. What is pumpernickel?

Pumpernickle is a type of fake coin that you put in arcade games to play them. You pump in the money (nickles).

6. What’s the difference between poison ivy and poison oak?

These are two different rock n roll groups, and they are friendamies. Friends/enemies?

7. What is a plimsoll line?

An old fashioned petticoat worn by pioneer women.

8. What are waffles?

Waffles are another word for those hard, round hockey pucks.

9. How can you beat inflation?

Stay home, don’t buy anything ever again.

10. What is catsup?

The wrong way to say and spell ketchup! Or … a cat drinking a bowl of cream.



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