Dumb – SOCS – Silent Letters


Dumb – SOCS – Silent Letters 



our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a word that contains a silent letter.” Choose a word that contains a silent letter and use it in your post, or write about words with silent letters in general. Enjoy!


So for today’s SOC prompt we are to use or talk about words that have silent letters in them. Thanks, Linda! 🙂


Some words:

knick knack knock knead knit knight sack back horse kick if

night neigh gnaw gnus heard tea dumb really know wrote

A dumb poem:

knick knack paddy whack, knit a knight a sack

heard on the gnus tonight the knight is coming back

he had a knack for knitting and was in the knead of yarn

his horse neighed and gnawed as he kicked in the barn

and if it was left up to me,

i’d rather drink some tea

but if you really want to know

this is one of the dumbest things i ever wrote


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2022 BS

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