Share Your World


Share Your World


Here are the new question for SYW. Di is hosting while Melanie is taking a break.


1. Do you prefer to live in a single story property like a bungalow, a high rise apartment, or a house?

I like living in a house of our own, not bunched up with others like in apartments. We have lived in apartments, and duplexes before, though.

2. If you won a large amount of money on the lottery, would you want publicity or keep things quiet and low key?

I would keep quite except to immediate family.

3. How do you like your eggs? (No, this is not a trick question)

I like eggs cooked all kinds of ways. Scrambled are good, so are fried – over medium. Boiled or poached or in an omelet is good. I really like deviled eggs, too.

4. If cars were no longer available, what would be your choice of transport?

I’d be stuck at home, I guess. It would be fun to have a horse and wagon, but we have no place for those or the money for them, either. Most things around here are too far to walk to. Maybe I’ll just use my time machine to get around. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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