Fibbing Friday



Fibbing Friday

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

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More funny definitions for today’s Fibbing Friday. Thanks, Di! 🙂


1. What are you if you are Mabsoot?  … You are a manager of a men’s clothing store in India.

2. What does it mean to nidificate?  … You procrastinate doing anything.

3. What is a pabouch? … It’s a rare species of baboon with a pouch to carry it’s young.

4. What is quab?  … This is a goopy kind of mud, kind of like quicksand.

5. What is tacenda? … This is a grocery store in Mexico.

6. What does it mean to be ulotrichous? ,,, It means to be a person who gives to charities.

7. What is waftage? … It is a mobile food truck that sells breakfast food like waffles.

8. What does it mean to yaff? … It means you sort of half laugh with a breathy sound.

9. What is to yuke? … It is to grow cucumbers in your vegetable garden. ‘

10. What is zabaglione? … This is when you are going through security at the airport and you stand in the baggage check line.


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