SOCS – Wallpaper


SOCS – Wallpapaper

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wallpaper.” Use it however you’d like. Have fun!


Okay, think about wallpaper. We used to have wallpaper in our house when I was a kid. Can’t remember which room it was in, but this one kind was sort of gray/silver with some pink accents, maybe flowers? Anyway there were some rolls of it left over, and they gave it to me. Why? Because I always needed more paper to draw on. I drew tons of pictures on the blank back of that roll of wallpaper. I still have some of them after all these years.

Another remembrance of wallpaper is at my Granny’s house. Her bedroom had wallpaper that was of lots of pink roses and leaves on a white background. I finally figured out they were called cabbage roses. I used to try to count them, but there were too many.

Here’s something I actually do every now and again. I get those huge wallpaper sample books that have been discontinued from the home improvement stores. They are free. I use them to decorate scrapbook pages, or for photo challenges sometimes, and whatever else I think of. Some of those pages of wallpaper are so pretty, some are fabric, some are vinyl, most are just paper of different textures. So fun!

That’s all I can think about wallpaper today. Wishing you a fun weekend! 🙂


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    • Thanks, Ellen! They are fun to look through, and give some craft ideas. I just asked if the store had any old ones to give away, and they did. I used to do the same at fabric shops, for their pattern catalogs. That was mostly when I was a kid so I could cut out paper dolls. haha 🙂


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