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Share Your World


Here are the new week’s SYW questions. To join in and also see other entries, just click the above link. Thanks, Melnie! 🙂


What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed?  (If you don’t know, just choose something that you think would improve things  🙂  )

Maybe a magical unicorn! It would travel the world spreading happiness and joy, peace and goodwill, rainbows and sparkles and everyone would get along with each other – no arguments, no war, no shootings, no crime.

Should the death penalty be re-instated?  Why or why not?

I didn’t know it wasn’t still an option. Ok I looked it up and it’s still legal in 27 states.

Spontaneity Or Stability?

Mostly stability now. Years ago when we were moving around it was fun to be spontaneous.

Can a dog/cat suffer? What about an ant? What about a plant? What about a bacteria cell?  Why do some humans think we’re the only species that does suffer?  Your thoughts?

I think all creatures have some kind of sentient feelings, some more than others. This goes for plants, too. I’ve seen dogs & cats grieve over their companion canine & feline friends. I’ve seen a duck grieving over it’s mate that had gotten run over in the road. It’s so sad. They all have feeling of sadness, of happiness, of excitement and love. I’m not sure about ants and bugs, but I’m not dismissing it. And look at how many people talk to their plants and they seem to respond. I won’t go so far to say that bacteria does, though. That’s just ewww!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World Barbara! Another blogger explained that anything with even a vestigial brain can feel pain and emotion. Bacteria, germs and that sort stuff has no brain, so you’re right – no suffering for them. I’ve learned a great deal about the death penalty from the answers to that question. It’s a very complex one apparently, with lots of opinions and viewpoints. A “hot” topic for sure! Bring on the Unicorns! We need more rainbows and cotton candy pink clouds! Wonderful answers to all the questions! I hope you have a peaceful week!


    • Thanks, Melanie! That’s good to know, and kind of what I was thinking. The DP question is definitely a hard one to have an opinion about. I don’t like killing someone, but some people are so horrible and the crimes they have committed so awful, it seems best to do away with them. I’d never be picked for a jury though, because my husband worked over 20 years as a CO in the prison system TDCJ, and he’s seen all kinds of vile people who probably deserved it.
      Wishful thinking about unicorns, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it. Hope your week is going good, too. ❤


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