Flower of the Day – Poinsettia


Flower of the Day – Poinsettia


This is a light purple Poinsettia.

They are really unusual and pretty. I read that the grower sprays dye on a light colored Poinsettia, shortly before shipping. As the plant ages, the colored bracts fall off and the plant will be in original color that it started out as.



For Cee’s Flower of the Day:



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    • Thanks, Sandee! I’d never had one before, but got one for this past Christmas, the red and green kind. I’m surprised it’s still going strong up on my kitchen window sill.
      Happy Monday! ❤

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    • Thanks, Robert! It’s interesting how they do these different colors of poinsettias now. I’m more used to the red and green ones, but this one is really pretty, I think. 🙂


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