Flower of the Day – Sunflowers


Flower of the Day – Sunflowers


From seed to flower – a miracle


a few small sunflowers I grew from seeds


For Cee’s Flower of the Day:



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    • Thanks, Ladysighs! Well, not now we don’t. The Sunflower state is Kansas. We lived there back in the 70s. My husband was stationed at Ft. Riley Kansas at the time. Nope, we are both born and bred here in Texas – the Lonestar State. We still live here in our hometown. 🙂

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      • Yes, I remember that now. But can’t remember if I told you I grew up in a town northwest of Ft. Riley and definitely had ties to the military (father).
        I have lived in Tx for the past 50 years. 🙂 Hill Country.
        I need to post the Sunflower State Song and Deep in the Heart of Texas. lol I probably already have. So maybe repost.


      • No, I can’t remember if you mentioned you lived near Ft. Riley. That’s cool. I know the TX song, but don’t know the KS song. It would be good to hear them. 🙂


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