Flower of the Day – Hypericum & Berries


Flower of the Day – Hypericum & Berries


Here’s an interesting plant that has leafy greens and bright red berries.

It’s the Hypericum, and I read that it is also known as St. John’s Wort. It is a bush, and has large flowers that bloom out in the summer. It’s become somewhat popular to use in flower arrangements.

Okay, I read more about them, and here’s what I found out. They are also called St. John’s Wort, they are poisonous, but are used to treat many medical conditions. That seems strange to me, but others know better than me. They are considered a weed by many, and seem to take over if left to spread. Florists do use them a lot in arrangements.


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  1. I’d heard of St. John’s Wort although I don’t remember if the plant was ever inclusive in any floral arrangement or dish garden I purchased thru the years. Thanks for sharing that information. 😊


    • Thanks, June! I’d never noticed any arrangements with them in there, either. Now I’ll know what they are if I do see some. What’s still odd to me is if they are poison, why are they used for medicine? 🙂


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