Throwback Thursday – Fireworks


Throwback Thursday – Fireworks


Today’s questions from Lauren asks us to remember our experiences with fireworks. Thanks, Lauren! 🙂


1) What are your earliest memories of watching fireworks?  … I don’t remember any fireworks when I was a kid, but after getting married we did see some on special occasions.

2) Were you more afraid or excited at the time? … Fireworks are so pretty, I was excited to see & hear them.

3) What occasions were celebrated with watching fireworks? … 4th of July and New Year’s Eve

4) Did you travel to fireworks shows, or did your family have their own, safe and sane explosives? … None when I was a kid. Later the Mr. and I never traveled to see any, as they were popped in the neighborhood, or in the same town in a city demonstration.

5) Did you ever light off illegal fireworks? … No, I’ve never lit a firework.

6) Did you typically have a family celebration before the nighttime display? What did it include? … We never had fireworks when I was a kid, but we did have a 4th of July cook out or something usually.

7) As you grew older, did your feelings about fireworks change? … No, I still like seeing them, but don’t want to be close to them.

8) Now the thinker: Many places are restricting fireworks now because of the trauma it can cause to pets, young children, and sensitive adults. How do you feel about restricting fireworks? … I hate that pets and kids and some adults are terrified of the loud bangs. And it can go on for hours, and sometimes several nights in a row. I know our city has a no fireworks law, but nobody pays attention to it, so it happens every year in neighborhoods all over. I don’t know what should be done. The city has a legal show at a large park that people can go to, but that doesn’t stop the illegal fireworks going off.


Now, there are 4 times I remember well about fireworks.

1. 4th of July – A legal fireworks display that was fairly close to my aunt’s house one year. We family gathered for a cookout in her back yard to visit and watch the display. It was great! She lives kind of out in the country, so it was legal to have personal fireworks, and there was a stand to buy them at the end of her road. Something happened and the whole stand caught fire. Firetrucks came, there was fire & smoke everywhere, and roads were blocked for hours. It took us forever to finally go home.

2. New Year’s Eve – Germany – We were at a party with friends, and there were so many people popping fireworks in the area that it sounded like a war was going on. Very exciting!

3. Bon-Odori Festival – Japan – This was a huge festival with food and display booths, and a wonderful fireworks display at night. (Bon-Odori is actually to celebrate the ancestors). My husbands Army unit had a booth there, too.

4. July 4th – Ft. Hood TX Army base – A huge celebration with night time fireworks, and all through the day activities. There was a large stage where musicians played – some local bands, and some famous recording artists. This was just down the street from our house, so we went for awhile.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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