Throwback Thursday – Birthdays


Throwback Thursday – Birthdays


This week Lauren asks us about our birthday celebrations over the years. Thanks, Lauren!


I don’t remember it, but I was actually born on Thanksgiving day that year! Every so often it falls again on the holiday! yay! 🙂

What’s your earliest birthday memory?

When I turned 9, I think

2) What was your favorite birthday and why?

The same, my 9th. It was a total surprise to me with the party.

3) What’s the best birthday present you have ever received?

Hard to remember a favorite gift, though I know I appreciate and liked them all.

4) Did you ever get money as a birthday gift?

Yes, most of the time I’d get money as a gift, along with gifts.

5) What did you like to do on your birthday as a kid? What do you like to do now?

We always had a cake with candles, and we’d play some kid’s games. Now, we don’t do anything, unless my daughter takes us out for dinner sometimes.

6) Did you have birthday parties with friends or family parties?

Every year our family would get together for everyone’s birthday, including mine. There was always cake. Sometimes I’d have a kid’s party on one day, and then the family get together on the weekend.

7) Did you get to pick the food for your birthday? Did you prefer to eat a home cooked meal or to eat out at a restaurant on your birthday?

I don’t remember any special home food for birthdays, except cake. Later on we’d go out for dinner when we were grown ups.

8) Did your family have any fun birthday traditions? Did you continue those traditions with your own kids?

Just the usual family get together for each person’s birthday … and cake! With my kids we’d have the just us cake & presents, then they’d get to invite friends over for the kid’s party, or we’d go to a place like miniature golf, or some other event place.

9) Did you ever get to take the day off school on your birthday? As an adult did/do you take the day off?

No, I don’t think we’d get to take the day off school or work.

10) Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? Was it a real surprise, or did you know it was coming?

Yes, that one when I was 9. There’s even a home movie of the fun. What happened was my grandma took me to her house for lunch, then when she took me home, all my friends were there shouting Surprise! I was actually surprised. We had fun playing games, and I won the prize for blowing the biggest bubble gum bubble contest.

Bonus Question:
If you had a million dollars to spend only on your next birthday, what would you do?

I’d go crazy on a spending spree first. Then, I’d give my daughters some, then pay off bills, and then save some for later.

***Here’s a fun remembrance of a birthday party not that many years ago. Just our family around the kitchen table. My daughter stacked up chocolate glazed donuts into a tall cake like tower, with candles. I leaned forward to blow them out and my long hair caught fire! I heard sizzling and people were yelling, then I realized what was happening. We got the fire put out, and it wasn’t all that bad, just a few singed pieces. haha 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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