Dried Out


Dried Out


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Desiccated mummy meat

Doesn’t matter if you heat

It mostly, mainly tastes like feet

Never ever will it meet …

My expectations


note ~ this poem comes about because of a microwave dinner (stir fried chicken & rice). I’ve tried it a few times, as it looks good, but the little chunks of chicken are really bad & dried out even though I follow the directions. So I call it desiccated mummy meat. Oh, and I don’t buy it any more!


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© 2022 BS

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  1. I don’t blame you. What is with the chicken these days? I got a soft taco with chicken the other and the meat was so dry, that for me it was inedible. Ziggy was jazzed though as he didn’t care. Now if it really does look that good and you like it, outside of the chicken, can you add a bit of water or something to it to plump up the desiccated mummy meat? 😄


    • Thanks, Melanie! That is a good idea I might need to try sometime with adding water to the package. I’ve had trouble with other chicken things too. Mostly they don’t put enough in there and you have to hunt for it. haha! 🙂


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