Throwback Thursday – Report Cards


Throwback Thursday – Report Cards


This week Maggie asks us some questions about the report cards or progress reports we had in school. Thanks, Maggie!


The questions:

  1. Looking back now, would you say you were a good, fair, or struggling student?
  2. How often were your school efforts reported to your parents?
  3. Did you receive letter grades, i.e. A, B, C, etc?
  4. Was your behavior reported on your progress reports or report cards?
  5. In what subjects did you excel and which subjects were a challenge?
  6. Did you ever try to change your grade? Turning a C into a B for example?
  7. Did you keep any of your report cards?
  8. Did you get rewarded for good grades? Punished for ‘bad’ grades?
  9. Did the subjects you excelled in prove to be where you excelled in life?
  10. What was your biggest detraction from your school work?


My answers:

1. I’d say I was mostly a good student.

2. We got report cards at regular intervals, maybe every six weeks? They had to be signed by parents and returned to the teacher.

3. Yes, we had letter grades.

4. We sometimes got a short comments. I think most of the ones I got were good.

5. My best subjects were English and spelling. I was okay in history and science. I was horrible at math and physical education, making Ds and Fs a lot of times in both.

6. No, I never even thought about changing a grade.

7. Yes, I’m pretty sure I have all my report cards, from elementary all the way through high school and business college. They are somewhere here stored away. I run across them once in awhile while looking for other stuff, and it’s fun to see them.

8. My sister and I probably were told to do better on the subjects we were not so good in, and were given a dollar for each A grade.

9. Yes, I’ve continued to use my favorite subjects – English and spelling, by writing all sorts of things throughout the years, even writing short stories, fan fiction, diaries, plays, poems since I was at least 9 years old. I’ve even had a couple of poems published in magazines.

10. I liked school, and kept up with my studies, so didn’t get too distracted by goofing off much.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Barbara, thanks for responding again this week. Phys Ed was such a strange class in my time. We did everything – archery, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tumbling, dance – I suppose anything that required us to move. Do schools even have phys ed any more? I think it is interesting that those things we loved in school tend to stay with us.

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    • Thanks, Maggie! I’ve not really ever been the moving around type, so didn’t like PE. haha! We did have a variety of things they let us try during classes, just not nearly as much as you mentioned. I suppose schools do PE, or maybe just recess in the lower grades. No little ones I know of around here, so I sure don’t know. 🙂


  2. Thanks for joining in Barbara. I did the money thing for my kids when they were in school. I’m not sure if it was a good thing or not. I think because I wanted to be paid for good grades it made sense to do it with my kids.


    • Thanks, Sadje! I guess people in my family were just savers of things like that, and now I’ve done the same. I have in my scrapbooks some of the art and writing letters practice sheets from when I was in first grade! I even have a lot of my dad’s early schoolwork and report cards to from back in the 30s I think. 🙂

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