Square Odds 2022 – # 4 – Saga of the Cards


Square Odds 2022 – # 4 – Saga of the Cards


This was very odd! It is an envelope containing a Christmas card and has many notices from the post office stamped and written on it. That’s pretty odd, but it gets odder!

This card was sent by our friend to my daughter before Christmas … in 2020. She never got it, but the friend got the card sent back to herself with all these notices on the front … IN September 2021! Where was it for almost a year???

And that wasn’t all. We got a card just like it from our friend, except it was torn in half diagonally. We got half a card, and a special notice from the post office too.

It was quite the saga of the cards!


It’s time again for the Square Photo Challenge, hosted by Becky!

This month long challenge is to find all kinds of odd photos.

The first, and basically only rule is that the photo you post must be square sized!

It’s fun, so to play along and also to see other entries just click the link below!


Thanks, Becky! Looking forward to a fun month of squares.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Anita! It was strange how it happened. We sometimes get mail that’s supposed to be for someone else. If it’s a neighbor we just go give it to them. If not, we put it back in the box to be re-delivered correctly. 🙂


    • Thanks, Li! It was strange. Our friend said she had other people tell her strange things happened to their cards, too. Could be the cards were too small for the PO to handle in their machines? Still weird it took so long for her to get that one returned to her. 🙂

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