Bloganuary # 7 – What Makes You Laugh


Bloganuary # 7 – What Makes You Laugh


What always makes me laugh is bloopers, especially printed in headlines, newsletters, signs, advertisements, etc. Also the mistakes made in movies or TV shows makes me laugh.

I’m pretty sure I make a lot myself when talking, by getting my words all mixed up. Talking to some business on the phone is one of the worst for me, and even if I try to order some fast food. It never fails that I mess it up so bad no one even knows what I’m talking about.

Then I get tickled at my own mess ups, and can’t stop laughing. Sometimes I read something wrong or the wrong way, and can’t make sense of what I’m seeing, but then figure it out and laugh about the mistake.

Oh, and those phone automatic word thing when you’re texting … with the word totally different from what you meant to type. Those are so funny most times.

Here’s an example of me seeing something wrong.

What the What? – Random Thoughts & Pics

One day I was unloading stuff from the grocery sack, and for some reason before I took this item out, I thought it was some kind of chocolate layered sponge cake dessert.

Then I looked closer and … it is a package of kitchen sponges! This got me laughing for a long time. hahaha


Here’s another blooper mistake I made that totally cracked me up!

We were at the store one day, waiting to check out at the counter. You know how they have all the tempting candies stacked up by the register? Well, I kept looking at one, and it spelled SpunoW. I couldn’t figure out what kind of candy it was. Then, I got a little tingle of excitement, because I was thinking, yay, a new kind to try. Maybe it is made of marshmallow fluff or something. I finally picked it up to see. To my surprise, the package was turned upside down.  When I turned it right side up, it spelled the name of a regular candy I’ve seen many times. (it was in a different, larger package though).

So, turn the word SpunoW around and you get Mounds! haha I couldn’t stop giggling. 🙂



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  1. What makes me laugh is when I tell someone something and they don’t get it but someone else does get it. I always heard the saying that goes something like this. Saying Paraphrased: The more you laugh the more fat you get…LOL.


    • Thanks, Crystal! It is so funny. I’m usually the one that doesn’t ‘get’ it, and especially with jokes and things like that. I’d never heard of that saying but it’s pretty funny, too. 🙂


  2. Yep, I hear ya! The upside down candy bar is too funny. I can see myself doing something like that too. Similarly, the other day I was checking out my badges for Audible, and one was the Daily Dipper. I saw “Dirty Diaper” and thought that was a weird badge. lol. I don’t have children in diapers now, but maybe it was y long-term memory. lol
    Thank you for the laughs.


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