Throwback Thursday – Friends


Throwback Thursday – Friends




Thanks for the interesting topic, Maggie!

Here are a few questions Maggie asks:

Who was the earliest friend you remember? What drew you to this person? What kinds of things did you do together. Did you have pen pals? Have you maintained long-term friendships from childhood. Did you have autograph books? How about high school yearbooks signed by friends? What kinds of things may have made you sever friendships? Are you a friend collector – the more the better – or are you content with the intimacy of a few close friends? How does your personality (shy or outgoing) affect the friendships you develop? What is the quality you desire in a friend?


My earliest friend I remember is still my dearest friend. In fact today (Dec. 18) is her birthday, and I’ve sent her a cute birthday meme and Birthday wishes.

We knew each other when we were babies (well, I don’t remember really, but our mothers were good friends back then, so we played together). Then we went all through our school days together, had double dates with our boyfriends (later to be husbands) together, and have enjoyed lots of ups and downs, laughs and tears throughout the years.

I had a few friends while at school, and was friendly to most everyone. I actually see them on FB quite often, too. Otherwise, there isn’t any one I hang out with here. Some are friends to say hi to, and one (K) comes by to visit when they are in town. So fun to get together for a little bit, though.

As for pen pals … I’ve had actual letter writing pen pals quite a lot over the years. They were from all over the world. I wrote a letter to a magazine to find pen pals a few times, and the response was tremendous! I still have lots of their letters. It was so much fun. Then the internet and email came along, and the letter writing pretty much stopped, and we didn’t have a computer for many years, so we lost touch.

I do have my old autograph book which friends from school signed, and also my school yearbooks which had lots of fun comments written in there.

I’m not normally out and about socializing anymore. I’m happy staying in. I consider my family my best friends. ❤


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks so much, Kelly! ❤ So glad we are friends for so many years!
      P,S. We got the Christmas card you sent! Yay – it was whole and not torn in half by the P. O. !! haha! Thanks so much!


  1. The internet has been a blessing during these crazy times, providing us with a way to stay in touch with friends and make new friends as well. It is great you have maintained some long-term friendships. Thanks so much for joining in again this week. I enjoyed your post.


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