Fibbing Friday – Road Reminders


Fibbing Friday – Road Reminders

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

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Looks like a different kind of Fibbing Friday! This will be interesting! Thanks, Di 🙂

Here are some common road signs and what they really mean. I suppose we are to think up something funny as another meaning for them.


1. Windy roads … or Watch Out For Worms On Road

2.  T junction with left priority … or Keep Drill Handy (because bumpy road will loosen lug nuts on tires)

3. Roadworks/ Men at work .. or Grave Diggers Have Right Of Way

4.  Road narrows (both sides) … or Throw Empty Bottles Here

5. No footpath ,,, or Stop Driving/Save Gas/Take a Walk Instead

6. Headphones in use, might not hear approaching traffic (not sure if this is legit actually) … or Rest Stop Dancing Area Ahead

7. Humps in road … or UFO Landing Site

8. No explosives … Watch For Tumbleweeds Next 10 Miles (they get stuck to your car) (yes this happened to me more than once!)

9. Gradient … or 20 Percent Of Cars Won’t Make It Up This Hill – Don’t Be That 20 Percent

10.  EU sign for pedestrian crossing. … or Mandatory Take Out Your Keyboard And Play a Tune Before Continuing Your Drive

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      • Hi Barbara, sorry for my late reply! Long week with the kids and homeschooling. Hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away.
        Hope your holiday plans are going smoothly and take care!


      • No worries! I do remember when my girls were little how hectic it would get around the holidays. So many things that need doing.
        We will probably go over to my daughter’s house one day this week for our get together.
        I’ll wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas full of fun and joy! ❤


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