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Share Your World


Thanks for hosting the weekly challenge, Melanie! Thanks ES for providing today’s questions! 🙂


If you had the power to strike one person in your life permanently speechless, who would it be? (Real names aren’t necessary, vague descriptions are fine… and yes, this is being asked in fun and not to be mean)  … Maybe not in my actual life, as I don’t personally know any of these people – but I strike any and all politicians speechless.

If you could relive your childhood over again, what’s one thing from this modern world today you’d want to take back with you? … My phone


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple are the standard colors of the rainbow.
Name something you love (or greatly admire/appreciate) for all six major colors of the rainbow! (Sorry indigo, you’re just blue-purple.  Hot pink?  You’re too flashy!) …

Red – apples 🍎

orange – sunsets 🌇

yellow – flowers 🌻

green – trees 🌲

blue – sky 🔷

purple – fabrics? 🟣

If you were to open the world’s most accurate fortune cookie, what would your fortune inside it read? This one that I actually got from a fortune cookie one time.

Tap into your imagination, it provides interesting results


Santa’s tired of people leaving him out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve night!  If you really wanted to get on Santa’s good side, what would you leave out for him to eat/drink instead? (This question applies whether you celebrate Christmas or not.  It’s just for fun, so imagination?  Welcome!  )

Coffee in a to-go cup, and peanut butter crackers


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Thanks, Barbara, for Sharing Your World! Those politicians have something dire coming! About darned time too IMHO. Wonderful rainbow list, and I loved the use of the emoties to show the choice! ❤ I'm sure the coffee and p-b crackers would be very appreciated by Santa, he's a bit tipsy now as some other bloggers have left him beer and alcohol. Thank goodness he has a built in designed driver, hmmm? The coffee will certainly hit the spot! That's a fabulous fortune too! Have a great week!


    • Thanks, Melanie! All the politicians seem to say is bad news, fluffed up that make people think it’s something good. I try not to listen to TV news or read any of this kind of news. Too depressing. Yep, ol’ Santa needs a break from alcoholic drinks and sweets, so coffee and p/b crackers will be a nice change. haha
      Hope you are having a nice week, too. ❤


    • Thanks, Bill! Glad you like the little emojis! I like to do a bit of decoration once in awhile – haha!
      I’ve always liked that fortune cookie wisdom. I can’t imagine anyone that has no imagination, as that would be pretty boring.
      I think Santa would welcome some peanut butter crackers. I sure line them a lot. 🙂


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