Neighbor Houses – # 9 & 10


Neighbor Houses  – # 9 & 10

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These are my thoughts and memories of the houses in our neighborhood when I was a kid.


Here are a couple more I remember from the neighborhood houses:

The Carne’s House – Across the street and down one from ours. I didn’t know these people, but their daughter went to the same class in school as my younger sister and they were friends.

The ? House – I didn’t know these people either, but they were a little farther down across the street, though still in our block of houses. This is a scary and awful story that I heard about the lady that lived there. Seems one of her family was mowing their lawn, and the mower slung something out and it hit the lady’s leg. Very serious, and she developed gangrene and died from it. That is why now, I’m so afraid to be around anyone mowing, because it certainly could sling something from under it and hit me or someone else.

It was also behind their house that something strange happened in the middle of the night. I was just little, and I’d get up in the middle of the night to look out the front windows for UFOs. Well this one night there were huge fireballs exploding above their house. I know I saw it, but no one else ever said they knew anything about it.

I wrote about this before, so if you want to read the whole expanded true story it is here


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