Neighbor Houses # 7 & 8 – Moths & Hearses


Neighbor Houses # 7 & 8 – Moths & Hearses

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These are my thoughts and memories of the houses in our neighborhood when I was a kid.


Jo jo’s house – the dog

Reeder/Brewster house

This next house was two doors down from ours to the west. A very small house, and we didn’t really know these people – at least I didn’t, just their last name – Hamilton. Can’t remember if they had kids or not, but they did have a dog.

The dog’s name was JoJo, and was a mutt, medium size white with brown spots, and a snaggle tooth. He was a kind of terror of the neighborhood and ran loose (they didn’t have a fence I don’t think). We’d always have to holler at him to leave us alone, because we were kind of scared of him.


This next one was a medium sized house three doors down from ours to the east. Two different families lived there at different times, and there were kids I went to school with.

The Reeder’s I didn’t know much about, but played sometimes with the daughter my age.

The Brewster’s I remember pretty well. Their daughter, my age, and I would play a lot. One time we got ice cream cones from the ice cream truck that came by. It wasn’t often this special truck was in the neighborhood that had cones, so it was a real treat. However, this one time, just as we’d gotten ours there was this horrible invasion of moths. We called them candlebugs. There were like millions of them in a swarm that descended upon us and our ice cream. They got in our face, hair, and even got stuck in our ice cream. We went screaming into the house. These bugs stayed around for a long time, getting into houses, too. I remember my mom taking the vacuum cleaner and sucking up piles of them. But some weren’t dead and they crawled back out the hose.

Another fun memory is that the girl’s father would take us driving around the neighborhood in his … um … unique car. He’d bought a used black hearse! That was so weird and so cool, too. Me and her would be in the back laughing and hollering. haha 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying hearing my neighborhood memories! There are just a few more.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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