Fins – Song Lyric Sunday – Sharks


Fins – Song Lyric Sunday – Sharks

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This week the theme is songs that feature Lion, Tiger, Bear, Eagle, Shark suggested by Paula of Light Motifs II.

Thanks to Jim Adams for hosting this musical challenge each week.

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I’m going with a song from Jimmy Buffett again. This time the song is called, “Fins”. It’s on his album, “Volcano”.

When this album came out, we had bought it on vinyl. We were in Japan at the time, and we and our friends listened to it all the time. Every time we all had a cook-out, which was every few days it seemed, we were all singing along to the words of all the songs in the album of “Volcano”. I still know all the lyrics, and have to sing along whenever we hear them again. Here’s a photo of our original album, and our pack of 4 CDs.


From a Wiki article about the song, “Fins”.

The title refers to the fins of metaphorical sharks, i.e. “land sharks”, men who attempt to pick up the woman who is the subject of the song. She is said to feel like a remora due to the proximity of the predators.

“Fins” is one of Buffett’s more popular songs with fans, and is part of “The Big 8” that he has played at almost all of his concerts. Buffett usually begins the song with a few bars of the “Main Title” theme from the movie Jaws. Concertgoers typically respond to the chorus line of “fins to the left, fins to the right” by extending their arms above their heads in a fin shape and moving them from left to right. Fin and shark themes have become a prominent part of parrothead (Buffett fan) clothing and gear and feature in several of Buffett’s commercial ventures such as Land Shark Lager beer.

“Fins”, by Jimmy Buffett, can be found on his 1979 album, “Volcano”. It was written by Jimmy Buffett, Deborah McColl, Barry Chance, and Tom Corcoran. It is on the MCA label.


She came down from Cincinnati.
It took her three days on the train.
Lookin’ for some peace and quiet;
hoped to see the sun again.
But now she lives down by the ocean.
She’s takin’ care to look for sharks.
They hang out in the local bars,
And they feed right after dark.

Can’t you feel ’em circlin’ (closin’in) honey?
Can’t you feel ’em swimmin’ around?
You got fins to the left, fins to the right,
and you’re the only bait in town.
You got fins to the left, fins to the right,
and you’re the only girl in town.

She’s savin’ up all of her money.
Wants to head south in May;
Maybe roll in the sand with a rock’n’roll man,
Somewhere down Montserrat way.
But the money’s good in the season;
Helps to lighten her load.
Boys keep her high as the months go by.
She’s gettin’ postcards from the road.


Sailed off to Antigua.
It took her three days on a boat.
Lookin’ for some peace and quiet;
Maybe keep her dreams afloat.
But now she feels like a remora,
’cause the school’s still close at hand.
Just behind the reef are the big white teeth
of the sharks that can swim on the land.


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    • Thanks so much, Amy! It sure would be fun to be at one of his concerts! I love how the audience gets into the song with the dancing and hand movements, too. It sure is a fun song. 🙂

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