Neighbor Houses # 6


Neighbor Houses # 6

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These are my thoughts and memories of the houses in our neighborhood when I was a kid.


Kennedy’s House

This is the house that was right next door to ours to the west. A small white framed house. It had a large front yard, and a fairly big back yard. In the front yard the older lady (portly, long white hair kept in a braid) would grow some vegetables. The back yard had a pen for raising chickens.

This lady would come over to our house a lot, and would babysit me and my sister from time to time. She had her grandchildren come visit her, and they would come to play in our front yard. We liked digging in the dirt, making roads for our little toy cars, trucks, and horses to go around.

One time I’d been to her house and was carrying a big glass bowl she’d borrowed from my mom, back to our house and I tripped on her porch. It was just a slatted wooden pallet kind of deal. Anyway, the bowl hit my mouth and broke my bottom tooth in half. So I had to go to the dentist where I got a cap put on the tooth. It was silver, and I had that silver tooth for many years, even after I got married and had my own kids. Finally I had the tooth pulled.

Another memory is that she gave us Christmas presents, and this one year was a big set of those Little Golden Books. I loved those books! 🙂


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