Throwback Thursday – TV


Throwback Thursday – TV


Thanks for the topic of our TV memories, and the questions, Lauren! 🙂


The questions:

Was watching television a part of your family entertainment? Was it used as a partial babysitter? Do you remember specific shows you liked as a kid? Did you need to take turns with your siblings to choose what was watched, or did the parents have all the control? Were you around in the pre-remote-control days? Whose job was it to change channels? Were you a Saturday morning cartoon junkie? Which was your favorite show? Were you warned about sitting too close to the TV? Did you ever bug your parents to buy you some item advertised repeatedly on a program you watched? Do you ever watch reruns of the shows from your childhood?


1. Yes, we did watch TV when I was a kid. Lots of times all together in the living room. We had a small black & white TV for a long time before finally getting a color set. I don’t think it was used to act as a baby sitter though.

2. I can’t remember my sister or myself actually choosing what to watch. I guess we got to watch whatever we wanted, and both of us liked the programs. We didn’t have a remote control for many years.

3. We sure did watch Saturday morning cartoons. We’d get our own bowl of cereal and sit there while watching all the cartoons until they went off at about noon. We never were warned not to sit too close to the screen.

4. I don’t remember the advertising they had back then, so I doubt we begged for anything we saw.

5. The first children’s show I remember watching was,”Ding Dong School’ with Miss Frances. This was sort of an educational show and way before Sesame Street came along.

Then there was “Captain Kangaroo”. A couple of my favorite cartoons were Mighty Mouse, and Top Cat. I also liked non cartoon shows like “Fury” about a horse, and “Sky King” with an airplane. Then there were the westerns … Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, Wagon Train, Sugarfoot, Bonanza, and more. Mostly I liked these because of the horses! And of course the shows with dogs, “Lassie” the collie dog, and “Rin Tin Tin”, the German Shepherd dog.

6. Do I watch re-runs of old shows. Yes, all the time. We don’t watch much of anything new. Some we watch every day are, “Father Knows Best”, “My Three Sons”, “Leave It To Beaver”, “Dennis the Menace”, and “Hazel”.


Here’s the cartoon song of “Top Cat”

“Top Cat” opening theme for the cartoon. It was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Too Cat was my favorite, too! I thought I was the only one! Looks like we watched a lot of the same shows. I loved Dennis the Menace and My Three Sons, too. How about My Favorite Martian? This was a fun walk down memory lane. Thanks for joining us again!

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    • Thanks, Lauren! Fun topic to remember back on. There were so many good shows back then. Sounds like all I did was watch TV, but really didn’t. I was outside playing most of the time actually. Sure brings back memories of Saturday mornings, and other times when the family would all gather in the living room to watch. I don’t know about seeing old cartoons of Top Cat, but I googled the little song, so maybe they have some short episodes to see. 🙂

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