Thursday Throwback – Nicknames


Thursday Throwback – Nicknames

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This week Lauren gives us the topic of nicknames we have or have had. Thanks, Lauren!


Names are fun! I haven’t really had a nickname before, except once in awhile someone will call me Barb,

I tried a couple for myself, but they didn’t take, or last, like Barbie, umm nope! Not the Barbie type at all.

My friends and I at school gave ourselves fun names to use when writing notes to each other. That lasted a little while. Mine was either Chelsea or Hullaballoo. haha

In French class my name was Jeanne pronounced the French way, which I cannot write how it sounds. Sort of like John.

My grandad was called Pat, but that wasn’t anything like his real name.

The people who really loved nicknames was my in-laws. They never gave me one, though, (felt left out of that) oh well …

My husband was always called Dave. That is not his real name.

There were a couple of ‘real’ Daves in the family but they were called Digger, and the Stick.

My mother in law was called Eller. That wasn’t her real name.

A friend of ours went with us to visit them one time, and he got the nickname of ‘New Guy’.

I think there were more, but I can’t remember them right now.

My very favorite now is my online name Ghost! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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