Halloween Countdown # 24 – Forest


Halloween Countdown # 24 – Forest



We don’t have any forests around here, but I’ve been to or through three in the past.

My family took a vacation in 1970 to Red River, New Mexico. It is located in the Carson National Forest. We stayed in a cabin by a river, deep in the trees. First time I’d ever seen so many trees. We stayed a week, seeing the sights, riding the ski lift, and carving our names into the trunks of the Aspen trees.

The next forest I’ve been to is the Pineywoods which is a forest, of East Texas, over by Texarkana. My in-laws lived there, and we’d go driving around and walking around among the trees. I got poison ivy on my feet one time. Not fun, but I marveled at all the tall pine trees.

The other forest I’ve been through is the (Washita) Ouachita National Forest, which is in the Texas/Oklahoma area. We drove through this beautiful place, along many steep and switchback roads.


Here are some photos of me while in NM showing tall trees and mountains in the background


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