Halloween Countdown # 17 – Mask


Halloween Countdown # 17 – Mask




This is me many years ago in my home made paper bag mask and dress




Take a look,

Take a look,

Take a look inside…

Take a look inside yourself,

What have you got to hide?

What do you see,

What do you see,

What do you see, I ask?

What do you see yourself to be…

What’s hiding behind that mask?

Reveal yourself,

Reveal yourself,

Reveal yourself to me…

Reveal yourself…I want your truth…

Be who you were meant to be.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 & 2021 BS

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  1. I love this. I heard on the news that some schools were not doing halloween because it was not equity when kids could not all afford costumes. I thought of the days when a paper sack was a costume. Here you prove it. I bet you had as much fun as a dressed up fairy princess, or buckaneer.

    • Thanks so much, Oneta! Yes, I have no idea if schools even do Halloween parties or Fall Festivals now. We sure had fun back then at ours. I like old fashioned home made costumes much better than the mass produced kinds these days, too. 🙂

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