Halloween Countdown # 16 – Spider


Halloween Countdown # 16 – Spider



My mystery box toy chickens with chalkboard ‘Spider’, and they say ‘watch out for the web’



Spider spins and dreams

Intricate strands of silver

Ethereal web


Halloween decoration – small gravestone with spider web & black spider


My painted rock spider (yellow rock/black spider)


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2021 BS

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  1. Nice poem and rock. I like spiders, I have several out for Halloween. When my niece lived with us through her teen years, I always put a spider in the tub to scare her and I still sneak one in when I visit her now. XO


    • Thanks, Ellen! Glad you like these! I like spiders a lot, too. Hope your niece wasn’t too upset with the spider teasing! There’s one that’s been hanging out in my bathroom for a few days. He gets around from place to place. haha 🙂


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