I Swear – Song Lyric Sunday – Outer Space


I Swear – Song Lyric Sunday – Outer Space

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Our theme this week is ‘songs that mention ‘heavenly bodies, planets, moon, sun, stars ’

Thanks to Jim Adams for hosting this musical challenge each week.

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This is a really nice song that I actually hadn’t heard until fairly recently. Seems it has been around for a long time though.

From a Wiki article:

I Swear” is a song written by Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers that became a hit for American country music artist John Michael Montgomery in 1993 and for American R&B group All-4-One in 1994.

All-4-One’s version hit number one on numerous music charts, including the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, where it remained at number one for 11 consecutive weeks. It peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart, where it stayed for seven consecutive weeks.

I swear by the moon and the stars in the skies … ~ All 4 One

“I Swear”, by All 4 One, is a single from their album, “All 4 One “. It was released in 1994. It was written by Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers, and is on the Blitzz – Atlantic label.

Lyrics are on the video:


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    • Thanks, Bill! I just listened to the country version for the first time. I liked it too, but not as much as the newer one. The country one video shows them growing older, which gets me a little teary eyed, and that doesn’t happen with the newer one. It is funny how so many songs have so many covers and sometimes they are better. 🙂


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