Halloween Countdown # 5 – Trick


Halloween Countdown # 5 – Trick



Happy Halloween!


Halloween decorations are fun and funny! This one is a black cat dressed in an orange clown suit beside an orange coffee mug that says ‘trick or treat’.




Trick or treat through the snow

Shivering ghosts, and goblins, you know

Since all they get is frozen feet

Makes more sense to conserve the heat

Stay cozy and warm by the fire

Just go buy all the treats you desire


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2016 (2020, 2021) BS

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  1. One year when I took my son trick or treating, it had snowed during the day…had to take him trick or treating wearing boots and winter coat. By trick or treat time, most of the snow had turned to slush but still yucky enough for winter gear.

    Rain or snow
    We still go
    Trick or Treat!


    • Thanks, Holly! What a night that must have been. It happens sometimes that the weather doesn’t co-operate with the holidays. My girls always were disappointed if they had to wear their coats covering up their costume.
      Cute poem! Yep, we’ll still go. 🙂


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