Autumn Greetings


Autumn Greetings


Hope you’re enjoying the first day of Autumn/Fall. We have a wonderful break in the temperature, from the high 90s to this morning low of 49 degrees and a nice breeze.

I took this picture of Sonny the cat this morning as he was contemplating the first day of autumn. I did a little filter magic with the photo, but I liked how the original showed the tall dried grasses caught the sunlight and also kind of outlined his fur in gold. They are kind of the same, except the first one has the upper part of the background is reddish.

First photo with filter – second photo original


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thank you so much, Simona! I love the fall weather, too. Here in Texas we have very hot summers, so when fall arrives I’m ready for some cooler days. Glad you like the photos, and I like the original best, too. ❤


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