Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Puzzles


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Puzzles


Thanks for the SOCS prompts every week, Linda!

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Here’s what we are challenged with today:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “puzzle.” Use it any way you’d like!


I’m a fan of all kinds of puzzles, the exception being those stated logic puzzles and the math kind like Sudoku ones. Can’t get those at all.

For a long time we were working jigsaw puzzles, which I posted a lot of the finished pictures as we went along. But, it’s been a couple of years since we worked any, though we have a bunch of new ones we haven’t even opened yet. We were working them on a really large heavy poster board on the kitchen table. Then eventually the table got filled up with other things of paper work. We’d have to clear all that off, with no where to put it if we were to get out another puzzle.

I’ve always liked crosswords either in the little magazines or the newspapers. I have a lot of the books, but we don’t take the newspaper any more.

Other puzzles I used to like was those manipulative kind you’d get in a kid’s magician’s kit. I’d also buy the different kinds that grown ups try to work and I’d find them at yard sales.

When I was going through some boxes of stuff of my granny’s after she passed on, I found this 8 foot long crossword puzzle she’d filled in a lot of the squares.

My grand-ma showed me how to work the skeleton puzzles in those little magazines. That was when I was a kid, and the first pencil puzzles I remember doing.

After that there was no stopping me … years and years of pencil puzzle fun!

Here’s what I wrote one time:

This is a giant crossword puzzle that says it’s 8 feet long! It’s squares are almost all filled in, I’m thinking by my granny. She was a dedicated crossword puzzle fan, and always had one going, either from books of them, or from the newspapers. She was serious about working them, and used a crossword dictionary all the time, too. She’d get her reading glasses on, and not stop until they were done, even if they were difficult.



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    • Thanks, Virginia! I know! 8 feet of puzzle! And that one wasn’t even the easy kind, it was the New York Times one which are really hard to figure out the clues. I’ve not heard of the Jigadi puzzles, but I do Scrabble on the computer every day. ❤

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