Throwback Thursday – Games People Play


Throwback Thursday – Games People Play


Maggie has given us the topic of games that people play. Thanks so much! To join in and read other entries, just click the above link.


So many games I’ve played over the years. Let me think a minute …

As a kid I played the usual like hide ‘n seek, mother may I, jacks, swinging statues, and a whole host of games we played in elementary school at recess. We’d play red rover, flying dutchman, jump rope, farmer in the dell, and probably more I can’t even remember.

Most times out of school it would be me and my sister, and my cousins who’d be running all over the neighborhood playing games all day.

We’d play piggy wants a signal, annie over, king of the mountain, and these were pretty active games. If not doing that, we’d be playing board games, like monopoly, and battleship, or card games like war.

One game we played a lot was maybe called ‘gusher’? It was about oil wells. The box had wooden pieces you’d shake around in the enclosed board deal, and then your turn you’d stick a metal nail piece into pre-made holes. If you hit a wood piece you hollered gusher! haha I don’t think they make this one any more.

Another game was I think called Safari, and it had wildlife cards. I looked for it for my kids, but never could find one as I suppose they quit making it.

Then there were the word games we liked. We had a ‘Password’ game like on the TV show. That needed more than one or two players. We also had ‘Anagram’ tiles to make words with. We also did a lot of I spy games, and alphabet games like Scrabble.  Later on there was the Trivia games, too.

My cousin and I loved to play some strange games too, like ‘The Amazing Kreskin’ which was an ESP game, and of course the Ouija board.

Sometimes we’d play with friends and neighbors some card and domino games like Spades, and Hearts, and Chikenfoot.

Now no one is here to play games with, as the Mr. won’t, and my daughter who likes games lives in another state. I get to play games with my little grand-daughter, though. Lots of fun as she loves learning them.

Mostly now, I play a few computer games – Candy Crush, Scrabble, Cradle of Rome, and Enchanted Cavern.

There are probably lots more games we played that I didn’t mention. I enjoyed them all.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks so much, Carol Anne! We sure did have good times playing games back when we were kids. Like you said, we didn’t have much TV and no computers or games like that, so we had to find our fun outside or board games or something. 🙂


  1. When we were traveling, my sister and I would count license plates by state, before my sister could read we would each pick a color before starting out then see who had the most of the color we picked. Always fun!


  2. I love to play games. If you lived near me, I would play with you. I recently bought a fun game for my great-nieces called Pretty Pretty Princess. It is easy and fun, the 1st to collect all the jewelry and the crown wins. XO


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