Flower of the Day – Mystery Leaf


Flower of the Day – Mystery Leaf


Now, here’s a leaf my daughter found. It was in April of 2019, so not really time for fall leaves. She said there weren’t any more, just the one, and no trees around the area that had this type of leaf. Does anyone know what kind of tree it might be from, or if it is actually from a tree? It’s an elongated oval shape and yellow with some brown spots.



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    • Thanks, Priscilla! Glad you like it, and I’m glad my daughter found it and sent me a photo. Another commenter (Kelly) mentioned it may be from a house plant called Petra Croton. The leaves do look similar. 🙂

  1. Yellow leaves are beautiful! This may be from an indoor Petra (Croton) plant. New leaves are yellow and eventually add green and even a reddish color variegated look as they mature. May not be the best description but they are gorgeous with all the color! You can find them on the web at most any nursery (Lowe’s has them here).

    • Thanks, Kelly! I’m glad to have a name for the leaf. I did look up some pictures of the Petra Croton you mentioned, and they are so pretty! The leaf does look like those, so far just a yellow one. Maybe it dropped off an arrangement someone had. 🙂

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