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    • Thanks, Emily! I love how they smell, and I’ve also had Honeysuckle scented perfume. My honeysuckle vine has given up. For a few years it was great and the photo is from it, but this year it’s all just dried up branches.

  1. Ahhh Honeysuckle. Used to have a love-hate relationship with Honeysuckle. When I was growing up we would pull the “stem” from the center to get a sweet taste. On the other note, the vines were usually full of bees and wasps. Did a lot of running and screaming. I haven’t seen a Honeysuckle vine in years. They must’ve left with the salamanders. Fun memories.

    • Thanks, Kelly! I love the smell of the honeysuckle flowers. Never thought of tasting them, though I did used to do that to petunias – they’re sweet too. 🙂
      My vine was doing great until last year. I think it had a few blooms, but then this year it’s just dried up vines. But we’d had it for quite a few years out on the back fence.
      Salamanders? Haven’t seen one in years! Also frogs have disappeared from around here.
      Hope all is doing good with you and the family. ❤

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