Weena – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Wee


Weena – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Wee



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wee.” Use the word “wee” or find a word that contains it and use it in your post. Have fun!


Today’s prompt for SOCS is ‘wee’. Thanks, Linda!


This is a great prompt for me, because it’s part of my blog name, teleportingweena!

Here’s what I’ve written before about how my blog got it’s name. I write pretty much everything stream of consciousness style, so don’t feel I’m cheating by repeating this. Many new readers may have never known why I call my blog by this name, so here it is …


That brings me to the name of my blog…’teleportingweena’. 🙂 I chose it because I love the story of the Time Machine, by H. G. Wells, and the girl in the story, Weena. It is about time travel, and you never know exactly where you’ll land, or what you’ll see. Just like the vision I had when I started this blog. Also, our tabby cat was named Rowena, and we called her Weena. I’m convinced she could teleport herself to other dimensions. Sound kind of wacky, I know, but cats are mysterious, so you never quite know for sure. And now, Weena has been teleported across the Rainbow Bridge, and we miss her.

This is 'Weena' ...she teleports herself!



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Time Machine is on my shelf. I need to read it. Have you read the trilogy by Felix J. Palma, Map of Time, Map of the Sky and Map of Chaos? He uses the Time Machine by H. G. Wells in the books. They were quite good.


    • Thanks, Janet! I re-read that book every so often, and of course I’ve seen the movie, the original, and I think they’ve made an updated one. I haven’t heard of those books, but I’m going to make a note of these. They do sound good. ❤

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